My Kitchen Rules star's brutal swipe at Manu Feildel: 'Get stuffed'

My Kitchen Rules provided plenty of drama on Wednesday night after sisters Leanne and Milena received some scathing criticism about their dessert.

At the final instant restaurant for the year, the Victorian-based pair decided to serve up an Italian feast, with recipes handed down from their Nonna and mum.

My Kitchen Rules contestant Leanne looking upset, and judge Manu Feildel talking to her
My Kitchen Rules contestant Leanne hit back at judge Manu Feildel. Photo: Seven

Starting off with a bang, their arancini entree was well received by everybody at the table.

The sisters had decided not to change anything from the original recipe and it paid off, with the judges later giving them a score of 10.

For their main, Leanne and Milena attempted to make fresh spaghetti, with sausage salsiccia and rapini (broccoli rabe).


After Manu Feildel scored the dish an eight, and Matt Preston a nine, the other contestants started to get nervous knowing that the sisters could top the leaderboard.

While their first two dishes left the judges and guests wanting more, their wood-fired chocolate hazelnut calzone left everybody with a bad taste in their mouth.

L: Milena makes fresh pasta. R: Shot of sausage italian pasta on a black background
The sisters made pasta and sausage by hand for their main dish. Photo: Seven

The guests discussed the dessert while waiting for it to be served, and Rosie told the table that “a lot can go wrong. If the temperature [isn’t] right, they could burn it.”

Unfortunately for Leanne and Milena, the calzone dough wasn’t rolled thin enough and their guests found it difficult to cut through.

“It’s not super pleasant,” said contestant Sophie, with the general consensus being that the pastry was too "tough".

After the judges scored the dish a four and five, Leanne and Milena had to receive some tough love.

Two close ups of Milena and Leanne's chocolate and strawberry calzone
Their calzone was slated by the judges and fellow contestants. Photo: Seven

“The pastry was rolled too thick,” Manu began. “Fresh strawberries, yum. Stewed strawberries without sugar, it becomes a sloppy kind of undesirable fruit to me. The flavour of chocolate hazelnut acidic strawberries make no sense.”

The pair weren’t happy with the criticism, with Leanne addressing it in her interview with producers.

“Who doesn’t like strawberries and chocolate? Manu can go get stuffed,” she quipped.

While their last dessert left a lot to be desired, the Italian sisters actually received the highest guest score of 41. When combined with the judges’ score, Leanne and Milena ended up sitting in second place, with a total score of 87.

Rosie and Hayley were at the bottom with a score of 57, and were eliminated.

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