Kmart shoppers lose it over $8 storage hack: 'Changed my life!'

One mum raved about how the hack allowed her to find a solution for storing her family's many drink bottles.

Kmart has long been hailed as the home of ultimate mum hacks, and this latest “game-changing” idea using an $8 magnet basket is certainly no exception.

Using the baskets from the laundry section, one mum has demonstrated her "genius idea" of using it to store a common household item that usually gets scattered around the house - her family members' multiple drink bottles.

With a three-kilo weight limit, she said the plastic basket perfectly fits four drink bottles and attaches seamlessly to the side of the fridge - creating a fuss-free, hidden storage solution.

“Used these on the side of the fridge for the mountains of drink bottles we apparently need. They are from the laundry section, $8 and magnetic,” the woman said on Facebook alongside a picture of her hack showing four perfectly spaced baskets on the side of her fridge.

Kmart Fridge hack
Hundreds of people commented on the clever hack with many said they are "stealing the idea". Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks and Decor

Fellow Kmart fans couldn't get enough of her “game-changing” idea, calling it one of the “best hacks” they’d seen.

“Now, THIS is a great idea, instead of me storing them in my cupboard and taking up valuable Tupperware space,” one person said.

“This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. You’ve just changed my life,” added another, with a third saying, “OMG, best hack yet I’ve seen on this page! Running to Kmart now.”


The ingenious hack sparked a flurry of storage solution ideas for others in the group, too, with some saying they were now considering using them for lunch boxes, mail, bills, kid’s homework and first aid storage.

While most people said it was a good idea, some doubted the strength of the magnet and how well it worked.

The weight of the drink bottles causing the container to slide was one concern, while the fridge being scratched from the magnet was another.

Shoppers shared how they've used the storage solution in their home. Photo: Kmart
Shoppers shared how they've used the storage solution in their home. Photo: Kmart

However, several shoppers confirmed that the magnet on the back is large and strong, making it hard to pull off. The clever Kmart shopper said the container didn’t scratch her fridge either.

Online reviews rave about containers: 'I just LOVE them'

Kmart’s online reviews were just as glowing, with multiple five-star ratings and several confirming the strength and functionality.

“I use mine on the side of my fridge with fly sprays. The magnet is really strong and does not slip down the fridge at all,” one person offered.

“I bought three of these, and they work very well. I just LOVE them! I use two on the outside of my laundry sink, and the third is on the side of my fridge with ten rolled-up up tea-towels. They make life really easy!”

The glowing reviews come after fans rubbished Kmart Australia's “hack” video demonstrating how to use the container in the laundry. Shoppers criticised the official Kmart Instagram post for not offering a hack but simply demonstrating what the container was used for.

Kmart Fridge hack
The storage container is quickly starting to sell out in some stores online. Photo: Kmart

The published video shows the container attached to the side of a dryer holding laundry products. The so-called hack divided shoppers, with some questioning the legitimacy of the idea.

“Is it really a hack if it's literally doing what it is designed for?" One person questioned, while others said it was hardly a hack if it didn’t alter the use of the product.

But this new idea is definitely winning people over!

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