Mum's cleaning hack using unusual Chemist Warehouse item

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A mum has been praised for her genius toilet seat cleaning hack, which involves using a rather unusual item.

Posting to the popular Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia Facebook group, Jennifer shared that she tried cleaning her toilet seat with toothpaste — and it worked!

Photos demonstrating the hack. Close up of a hand cleaning a dirty toilet with charcoal toothpaste on the left, on the right, a close up of the cleaning cloth covered in charcoal toothpaste.
The savvy mum used an unexpected item to clean her toilet seat in her genius hack. Photo: Facebook/Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia

The mum showed how she used White Glo Activated Charcoal Teeth Polishing Powder, which retails for $9.99, to completely transform her toilet seat.

“Ran out [of] creme cleaner to try (I tried everything), so I figured why not try my activated charcoal teeth cleaner,” she wrote.

Sharing before and after photos, the mum let the group know that she added a small amount of toothpaste to a wet cloth, and then used it to scrub the stains away.

She warned other members of the group to not leave the toothpaste on the toilet seat for too long in case it stains.


Shot of a dirty toilet with the seat up.
Jennifer showed how dirty her toilet seat was before she started cleaning. Photo: Facebook/Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia

Impressed with her unexpected hack, she announced proudly: “It even removed hair dye stains off my toilet seat. Hot pink…damn kids!”

It didn’t take too long before other members of the group flooded the post with comments, applauding Jennifer for her savvy hack.

“I need this in my life, the joys of boys that pee everywhere!” one exclaimed.

“Holy moly, you are a saviour! We just moved into a new rental and the toilet was like that. Now it’s gone!” another added.

Photo of a toilet that's completely clean, with the seat up.
The toilet looked brand new after being cleaned with toothpaste. Photo: Facebook/Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia

Others with a similar toilet also thanked Jennifer, as they had been having the same issues.

“Omg I have this exact toilet and stains! Nothing removes it!” a person noted.

“I have this same toilet — it’s newish, but already starting to stain no matter how many times I clean it,” another agreed.

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