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Mum wows with clever Kmart packing tip: 'Need this in my life'

A place for everything and everything in its place.

A Kmart shopper's handy camping hack has gone viral, with many dubbing it the best organisation hack they’ve seen yet. The self-proclaimed “perfectionist” told her fellow Kmart shoppers that she had to come up with a way to easily pack up and go when it was time to go on a camping adventure.

"After spending most weekends last year working on our house I decided 2023 will be dedicated to camping and exploring," she wrote on a popular Kmart lovers Facebook page.

"Being the perfectionist I am, I had to come up with a storage solution that was easily accessible and still allow room for tents, sleeping bags etc. Enter the Kmart large modular drawers. Everything stays packed and ready to go (besides the food)."

Kmart modular draws in the boot of a station wagon
So many people were impressed with this hack, they asked the Sydney shopper if she was available to organise their homes. Photo: Facebook

Using nine of the modular storage solution drawers the Kmart fan packed everything needed for any camping trip perfectly. The large drawers retail for just $19 and seamlessly slot into one another, making it super simple to create storage for any space.


'Best idea'

By dedicating each labelled drawer to a different set of camping essentials, she created the ultimate organised stash drawers with everything from torches and tools to first aid and snacks. But the best part? The drawers all stay together to move seamlessly from the back of the car on trips to a dedicated shelf in her garage.

Kmart organisation
The storage system moves seamlessly from the car to the garage, making packing much easier. Source: Facebook

Her hack was an instant hit too, with dozens of other keen campers loving the idea. “Omg I need this in my life,” one person commented. “All the ‘Home Edit Get Organised’ vibes,” added another. “Well done! In one scan of the eye you can see what you have,” a third said.

Does it really work?

Although some shoppers queried whether it was safe to transport the drawers around in the back of the car, she assured them it works very well, depending on your car and boot size. “These are wedged in on both sides and up against the seats at the back. We then pack two heavy tent bags, tubs with sleeping bags and air mattresses, camping chairs etc. up against them so they can't move,” she said.

Kmart organisation
Despite looking like they aren't easy to transport, the woman said once the car is packed they don't move around at all. Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, another Kmart fan said they couldn’t wait to try the idea for organising their mobile business. “I'm a disability support worker/art therapist, I so need to do this, thanks for the idea,” they said.

Looks like a trip to Kmart is in order.

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