Why mum decided to tell her kids when she's about to have sex

One mum has revealed why she and her husband decided to let their kids know when they are about to have sex.

Author of Wasted Pretty and host of podcast There’s a Column for That, Jamie Beth Cohen, opened up in a column for Huffpost about how her honest style of parenting has worked wonders for her and her husband’s sex life.

Jamie Beth Cohen
Jamie Beth Cohen has opened up about why she tells her kids when she and her husband are about to have sex. Photo: Twitter/Jamie Beth Cohen

Jamie said pre-pandemic, she and her husband would have sex when their children, aged eight and 11, were out of the house at school or at social activities but obviously that became a thing of the past when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

After a few months of quarantine and feeling like she and her husband were sneaking around, Jamie decided to make their home ‘sex-positive’ by answering all their children’s questions about sex and being open with them about when they were going to have sex.

“If I close the door and turn on the fan in the hall, please leave us alone, I said. “We’re having sex,” Jamie wrote in her column.


Her kids giggled but the honesty has worked for their family, with Jamie and her husband now able to have alone time without the fear of having their children walk in on them at any minute.

“Our time together is now about connection, and what couple doesn’t need more of that, especially in these stressful times?,” she wrote.

Jamie said she hopes that their honestly about their sex life will have a positive influence on their children’s attitudes towards sex as they grow up.

Her story comes after another Australian mum called being caught in the act by her kids “every parent’s worst nightmare”.

Do not disturb sign on a hotel room door
Jamie said she wanted to make her home 'sex-positive'. Photo: Getty Images

Jessica Hood, a Melbourne mum of four, who has over 55,000 followers online, took to her social media account to relay how she and her husband were “busted mid-thrust” when the kids were supposed to be in bed.

“It’s 9.30pm on a Wednesday what could possibly go wrong?. Little bit of nookie never hurt anyone right?,” she started her Instagram post.

“I thought my heart couldn't race any faster during such an intimate moment but now I'm on the verge of cardiac arrest. No amount of chairs or even a chested draw was gonna stop it. It was like a stampede of elephants except there was no warning...I mean Why would there be?! They're meant to be asleep!!”

Jessica went on to describe how she and her husband, Karl, were right in the middle of doing the deed when almost in slow motion, her kids came parading into the room.

“The creak of the door, the hall light shining on our faces as if we were criminals of the night. My mum instinct kicked in and I did what anyone else would do in a situation like that. I played dead. I played bloody dead,” Jessica said.

Jessica’s thoughts were racing, asking herself ‘were we quick enough? What did they see?. Oh my God they're going to be in therapy for life’.

She went on to describe the relief when she heard the words ‘what are you doing?’ coming from behind the doona.

“That was a GREAT sign, reassuring words to me. ‘We are play fighting, I'm giving mummy a massage’... DUMB DUMB DUMB answer. REALLY KARL REALLY!,” she wrote.

After being told to go back to bed, Jessica and her husband thought they had gotten away with it until they head their daughter giggle in the hallway, saying to her brother: “Mum and dad were doing sex”.

“Just wonderful! I’ve scarred my kids for life, either that or I’ve set them up for a life of ‘blackmailing mummy and daddy’,” Jessica wrote.

“They have one over us and I’m worried. Kids are more clued on that we give them credit for. Be warned, next week we may have a pony in our backyard and a brand new swimming pool. Tomorrow will be an interesting day. I plan to stick to ‘story’. Avoid any questions and act as normal as possible. If all else fails, I could just play dead...right?”

Jessica told Yahoo Lifestyle that while the kids hadn't said anything to her the following morning, she knows it is coming.

“Knowing my children, they’re waiting until it slips my mind to give me grief,” she said.

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