Mum amazed by epic toilet cleaning hack: 'Mind blown'

A Canberra mum is totally "mind blown" after discovering the secret to a sparklingly clean toilet.

Her hack has been labelled the easiest and cheapest cleaning trick for removing stubborn hard-water toilet stains.

TikTok user Labelledchaos recently shared a short clip demonstrating the super-easy trick.

Her followers were just as stunned by the epic and effortless hack that removes hard water stains from toilets with no scrubbing.

Yes, you read that right.

Minimal effort is required for this to work.

At left, a woman is shown in a still image from a video speaking into the camera, with one hand on her forehead; at right, the same woman holds up a tub of citric acid.Citric acid hack
The simple hack using a 75g bottle of citric acid left one TikTok user "mind-blown". Photo: TikTok.


“I’m so flipping excited!” the mum shared in her clip.

“I have tried so many things, so many, to try to fix these hard water stains; I am actually mind blown.”

It only cost $2.40

She went on to say her sister discovered the hack online, passing it on to her, and all it took was one simple ingredient - a $2.40 jar of citric acid from the supermarket.

“I have spent hundreds of dollars on cleaning products, I have a whole cupboard full of cleaning products that I've tried,” she said.

“And citric acid from Coles, or Woolworths wherever you shop, is not what I have tried - just this little jar here.”

She excitedly showed off the extremely impressive before-and-after pictures to her 1197 followers, beginning with stubborn water stains.

“So this is the 'before' clean toilet, but what is that? It does not go away,” she said of the brown stains.

“This, ladies and gentlemen, is after,” she declared, showing off a sparkling clean toilet.

At left, a woman's finger points into a toilet bowl showing brown stains at the bottom. At right, the same toilet after being cleaned with citric acid overnight is white and clear of stains.
The sparkling results left her "so excited" after leaving the cleaning agont on overnight. Photo: TikTok.

Apart from the astounding results, the woman said she couldn’t quite believe how easy it was to do.

“I put it in last night and gave it a scrub this morning; real easy, no elbow grease required. Done! Look at that! For $2.40!” she shared.

She added she used the entire jar to get the results and just “chucked it in” and left it to sit overnight.

‘What? No Way!’

Her excitement at the extreme clean was matched by the 24,800 people who watched her video, with many just as "mind-blown" as she was.

“STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I love you for this,” one person commented.

“I’m mega excited to try this!!! I’ve tried scrubbing and so many products too. I’m convinced someone has eaten something weird and pooped chemical,” added another.

“I feel liberated on your behalf. I have hard water too. I’ll be doing this,” added another.

A jar of McKenzie's citric acid sits on a white background with white, blue, lime green and red labelling.
Who knew this tiny jar could have such an impact? For $2.40, it looks like it's become the newest cleaning craze. Photo: Coles.

Others were also super excited to find the hack.

“This is the only thing I found worked in my toilet too, and I definitely clean it regularly. Best thing ever,” one person said.

“I was so excited when I discovered this too,” shared another.

“I can 100% endorse this; I do our loos about every six months. It’s cheaper and I’ve found it more effective than Scalex,” confirmed another.

Well, there you have it!

Looks like citric acid is the new go-to cleaning agent that really works.

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