Mrs Doubtfire star unrecognisable 30 years later in rare TV interview

Lisa Jakub appeared on Today Extra to celebrate the film's 30th anniversary.

It’s been 30 years since the release of the iconic family film Mrs Doubtfire, which won an Academy Award for Best Makeup and earned Robin Williams a Golden Globe nomination.

Lisa Jakub, who played Robin's eldest daughter Lydia Hillard in the comedy, made a rare Australian TV appearance on Today Extra on Friday morning to celebrate the major milestone.

Mrs Doubtfire cast.
Mrs Doubtfire is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Photo: 20th Century Fox

The former child star, 44, retired from acting in 2001 at the age of 22 and embarked on a very different career path.

She is now a writer, yoga teacher and mental health advocate, and looks barely recognisable from how fans would remember her.


Lisa spoke openly with Today Extra hosts David Campbell and Belinda Russell about why she believes Mrs Doubtfire remains one of the most popular comedy films of the past few decades.

“The cast members, we bonded so instantly,” she said. “Matt [Lawrence] and Mara [Wilson] felt like siblings from the beginning, and Robin and Sally [Field] were so amazing to us, so it did feel special at the time. Maybe that's why 30 years later we are still talking about it.

“It is shocking to me that kids still relate to it and they get it. All I can credit it to was Robin. He was brilliant and hilarious and timeless, so I think the credit goes to him.”

Lisa Jakub.
Lisa Jakub looks barely recognisable from how fans would remember her in the film. Photos: Channel Nine

'I didn't have to do this alone'

Lisa also revealed that it was her on-screen father Robin, who passed away in 2014, that inspired her to help others deal with their mental health struggles.

“I have struggled with anxiety and depression my entire life and Robin was very open with me with what he struggled with, and that's a big reason why I do what I do today,” she shared.


“I work in the space of mental wellness and I help other people who are struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety and panic, and it is rooted in the fact that he was so open with me and was one of the first people that showed me that I didn't have to do this alone.”

The three children from Mrs Doubtfire have had multiple reunions since filming the movie, including one in 2017 with their on-screen stepfather Pierce Brosnan. The trio also appeared at the first annual 90s Con in Connecticut in March 2022.

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