Model's shock as stranger follows her for hours using Apple AirTag: 'Scariest moment'

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Sports Illustrated model Brooks Nader has taken to Instagram to reveal she was stalked for five hours after a stranger planted an Apple AirTag on her.

The 26-year-old described it as the "scariest moment" when she discovered someone had secretly slipped the tracking device into her coat pocket while she was out at a bar in New York City on Wednesday night.

Brooks Nader takes mirror selfie
Model Brooks Nader has shared with her followers she was stalked for five hours by a stranger using an Apple AirTag. Photo: Instagram/Brooks Nader

Brooks found the AirTag hours later when she received a notification from her phone that said an unknown item had been "moving with her for a while" and that "the owner could see its location".

"Ladies, check your bag, coat, pockets, and surroundings. Disturbed isn't even the word," she said.


She explained to the Daily Mail she believes the AirTag was slipped into her coat pocket when she went to the bathroom and left her coat on the chair.

She shared the full story in a video on her Instagram Stories, explaining she was waiting for someone alone at a bar and later moved to another bar to meet some girlfriends.

Brooks Nader AirTag
Brooks found the AirTag hours later when she received a notification from her phone that said an unknown item had been "moving with her for a while". Photo: Instagram/Brooks Nader

"And stupidly I was walking home alone, because I live in the neighbourhood, around like 11:30pm and once I was already on my walk home, halfway home, I got a notification that was like this someone's tracking you and has been for a while," she said. "So I freaked out obviously."

"Turns out it was an AirTag which is a tiny little white, circular thing that Apple makes, and it's used for horrible, horrible things after I researched that people have been using it in people's cars to stalk them, human trafficking, all kinds of stuff.

"I have no idea that these existed until it happened to me so I'm kind of just trying to raise awareness and tell all the ladies out there to watch your belongings look out for the notification.

Brooks Nader talks in Insta Story
Brooks described it as the "scariest moment ever". Photo: Instagram/Brooks Nader

"The only silver lining is that I got notified that someone was tracking me. I don't think that that happens with Tile or any of those other devices. So just check your belongings check your surroundings. It was the scariest, scariest moment ever. And I just want everyone to be aware that this exists."

In another post she shared that women should be wary of posting their location while they are still at the place, "If you're going to post at a restaurant, drinking with your girlfriends, working out, whatever you're doing — if it has a location that's obvious or geotagged, wait until you leave to post it.

"I have made that mistake so many times and it's very easily avoidable. Just wait until you're home or you're walking home or whatever until you post that."

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