MKR villains Josh and Austin's feud with rival Ash

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

As long as Josh and Austin are at the table, expect some massive drama during a My Kitchen Rules episode.

The home-schooled brothers have already made quite a name for themselves as the outspoken, controversial team in the competition, and they’ve only been on TV for a week.

Now it’s been revealed who the boys particularly have an issue with as the instant restaurant rounds for group one continue.

My Kitchen Rules ‘villains’ Austin and Josh Bonwick. Photo: Instagram/mkr

Younger brother Austin, 22, is not a fan of rival Ash, and the blow-up’s erupted over what is being said on and off camera.

“The thing is that Ash would never do it on camera,” Austin’s 25-year-old brother Josh tells New Idea.

“He would always be like, ‘Hi, I’m Ash, and I’m just going to be really quiet and neutral so I don’t lose any followers on Instgram’. But as soon as the cameras turned off, he was horrible to Austin.”

Ash has his own take on the ‘feud’, saying he one day called out Josh and Austin for being “quite rude”.

“Austin started shaking. He got really shaky and he’s like, ‘Why wouldn’t you say this one camera?’ I was like, ‘I mean, I’m saying it now. Why’re you guys being a**holes to everyone?'”

Ash Keillah and the brothers haven’t been seeing eye to eye. Photo: Instagram/thefriendlypirate

While Ash and fiancee Stacey cooked first in group one’s round of instant restaurants, Josh and Austin are yet to cook for the judges and other teams.

Claiming they don’t believe their cooking skills are the strongest, Josh says the siblings adopt strategies that don’t necessarily rely on their culinary talent.

“This is a game,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We’re the youngest contestants. It’s like duck duck goose on steroids. It’s a game and we know how to play it.

“Life is too short to be quiet, always trying to please everyone,” he continues.

Ash and fiancee Stacey are competing as a team. Photo: Channel Seven

“If you’re offended, it’s your choice,” adds Austin.

“Who remembers quiet people for having an opinion but just a neutral one? It’s like, have an opinion, stand for it, and live by it. If people like it, great. It doesn’t matter,” explains Josh.

“You’re not here to please people. If I wanted to make people happy or make people like me, I’d be selling ice cream.”

My Kitchen Rules continues at 7pm on Channel Seven.

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