MKR star's controversial act at Woolworths divides fans

Sisters Patricija and Brigita were caught on camera doing something fans labelled as 'gross'.

A My Kitchen Rules' contestant has been sprung on camera doing something MKR fans dubbed as 'gross'.

When doing their shopping for their instant restaurant, sisters Patricija and Brigita were planning their Lithuanian feast and selecting ingredients at Woolworths when Patricija picked up a bunch of shallots from the display, accidentally knocking one to the floor in the store.

The camera then caught her placing it back on display for another customer to buy, instead of taking it to a Woolies worker.

MKR's Patricija and Brigita in competition, Patricija at the supermarket
MKR's Patricija and Brigita. Photo: Seven

The move has sparked debate on social media, with MKR fans divided over whether Patricija's act was gross or just what humans do when grocery shopping.

Many defended Patricija, admitting that they put produce back on the shelf too if they drop it.

“I put it back. If I damaged it beyond sellable I’d show it to the produce guy and tell him I dropped it," one said.

Another said: “I put it back. End of story.”

Others, however, deemed the act as 'gross', while simultaneously dobbing on themselves for not washing their produce when they get home.


“It’s just gross,” one said. “I know we’re supposed to wash our produce when we get it home from the supermarket, but no one does. So putting the fruit or veggies back on the shelf is just rude for other shoppers," they said.

“I usually take it to a staff member. It’s the right thing to do," another Good Samaritan said.

Supermarket controversy aside, Patricija and Brigita's Lithuanian feast didn't impress their guests or the judges Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge — the sisters scored just 59, resulting in them being eliminated from the competition.

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