MKR star left shocked by pregnancy question at dinner

"You don't call a pregnant lady an elephant!"

A My Kitchen Rules contestant announced her pregnancy during one of the dinners, after being probed by another contestant in a situation that could've ended in disaster.

Sisters Patricija and Brigita have entered MKR as an intruder pairing, and as they got acquainted around the table with the contestants, hospitality worker and food expert Christian decided to kick things up a notch and ask a daring question.

"There's an elephant in the room, that needs addressing" Christian said, kick-starting the dinner conversation.

MKR's Christian and Marcus
MKR's Christian kicked things up a notch at dinner after asking a potentially controversial question: Photo: Seven

"What are you referring to?" Brigita replied.

"Well, I mean... are you pregnant?" Christian then put forward, to the shock of some of the other contestants sitting around the table.


While Brigita was wearing a flowy dress, it's not exactly great table manners to ask someone if they're pregnant, something the other MKR competitors picked up on.

"Oh no, Christian, what have you done?" contestant Marcus said in his voiceover.

"Are you calling me fat?" Brigita asked, as Christian quickly said "no!"

MKR star confirms pregnancy

MKR's Brigita confirmed her pregnancy
MKR's Brigita confirmed her pregnancy over dinner. Photo: Seven

Brigita then confirmed her pregnancy, as her sister Patricija noted that they were actually a team of "three".

"I took a big risk on this one," Christian later said in his piece-to-camera.

While Christian may have lucked out this time, it's worth noting it's never really OK nor socially acceptable to ask a woman if she's expecting — nevertheless, a person you've just met – while using language like 'the elephant in the room', as the two sisters later pointed out.


"Yes, I am the big elephant, the six-month pregnant elephant," Brigita said in her piece to camera as her sister admonished Christian's question.

"You don't call a pregnant lady an elephant!" Patricija said.

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