Mick Molloy trolled over X-rated Instagram post: 'Needed a trigger warning'

"I can't unsee that."

Aussie comedian and radio host Mick Molloy gave his Instagram followers more than they bargained for when he shared a holiday snap from Noosa over the weekend.

Speaking about his holiday on Triple M’s Mick and MG in the Morning, Mick joked, "Heads were turning. I thought people kind of recognised me – I think they thought maybe I was a triathlete, or someone famous."

Radio host Mick Molloy in a Speedo
Radio host Mick Molloy has been trolled after sharing an X-rated Instagram post, with some saying they 'can't unsee it'. Photo: Instagram/mickmolloy66

However, his co-hosts Cat Lynch and Natarsha Belling told him they'd seen way too much of his holiday, referencing a photo he'd shared to Instagram on Friday.

"Tarsh and I were talking about the photo you posted," Cat said, seemingly disgusted. "Of you, with your legs spread in your lolly bags [Speedos] on a pool deck chair, saying, ‘Hello ladies, dinner’s on,’ was the caption and it was... what would you say Tarsh?"


"It needed a trigger warning!" Natarsha said. "I was about to start afternoon drinks and I thought, 'I’m not even hungry now.'"

They then proceeded to go through the comments after they shared the snap on the Triple M Breakfast Show's Instagram account.

"The first one is, ‘Mmm … pass.’ The next one is ‘Where’s the eye bleach?’ Someone has just put a meme of someone crying," Cat said as she continued reading the comments. "One is ‘Wouldn’t even make a Bunnings BBQ,’ ‘First Insta photo on my feed today while I’m trying to eat my Weetbix,’ and ‘What’s the go with your feet – have you been firewalking?’"

"Your feet are filthy!" she added, with Natarsha agreeing, "Yeah, I did notice that!"

"I’m very, very upset by this – please go to a song," Mick joked, adding, "Why are people so cruel?"


The comments continued on Instagram, with one user writing, "I can't unsee that."

"Crime scene," another added.

"I don’t want to see this," a third said, while another agreed, writing, "That image should come with some kind of warning."

Others seemingly loved the snap, with one user writing, "Mick you never disappoint."

"Specimen of a human," another said.

"Too funny," a third said. "You all make my day."

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