Erin Molan fires up at David Beckham over alleged affair and reveals cringey DM to Rebecca Loos

Erin Molan wasn't impressed with David Beckham's comments about his alleged affair on his new Netflix docuseries.

Erin Molan has fired up about David Beckham's alleged affair with his personal assistant, Rebecca Loos, in his new Netflix docuseries, Beckham.

The alleged affair is believed to have happened in 2004 when David was playing for Real Madrid in Spain while Victoria living in the UK with their two kids, Brooklyn and Romeo.

In the Netflix four-part docuseries, the couple acknowledged it for the first time, but Hughesy, Ed and Erin host, Erin Molan, was left less than impressed with David Beckham's comments on the matter.

Erin Molan in a blue top
Erin Molan has fired up at David Beckham. Photo: Instagram/Erin Molan

The radio show played a clip from the documentary where David stated: “It was the first time where me and Victoria had been put under that kind of pressure in our marriage.”

Erin said: “Oh for God’s sake. Give me a bucket. ‘We were put under that kind of pressure'. Mate, you tapped your assistant, allegedly. Sorry but YOU have put her under pressure. Oh God he can’t even take ownership of it now."


Erin went on to call David Beckham a ‘d****ebag’ and stated that she decided to get in contact with Rebecca Loos herself to see if she had anything to say.

Rebecca Loos standing with Victoria and Romeo Beckham
Rebecca Loos was David's assistant while he was in Spain. Photo: Getty Images

According to her Instagram profile, Rebecca is now a yoga and meditation teacher, a part-time medical assistant and teaches classes on retreats and at events.

Erin wrote to Rebecca on Instagram: “ Hi lovely. Would love to get you on Australian radio tomorrow morning and chat regarding your yoga retreat.

Ed Hughes just simply said: “You did not write that?” with Erin laughing at what she’d said.

Rebecca Loos
Rebecca is now a yoga and meditation teacher. Photo: Getty Images

“I’ve never met her in my life,” Erin continued after Ed questioned why she would call her ‘lovely’ and add a kiss at the end of the message.

Erin said she then told Rebecca that they would give her business a ‘massive plug’.

“On Saturday she wrote back: ‘Thanks Erin, but I do not wish to make any comments at all at the moment (prayer hands emoji)’”

“I then wrote back: ‘Completely understand, lovely. P.S. I’ve been there in somewhat of a similar way. Thinking of you. All class x’.”

Erin went on to explain that while it’s ‘very different’, in the past, she had a newspaper claim there were rumours she was having an alleged affair.

“It’s different because I think she did have one and I didn’t and I then sued,” she said.

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