Radio star's embarrassing encounter at Thai massage parlour: 'Shocking'

Mick Molloy claimed the incident occurred after he almost tapped out of the massage three times.

A comedian and radio presenter has detailed an embarrassing encounter he had recently while visiting a Thai massage parlour.

Triple M's Mick Molloy regaled Mick & MG in the Morning listeners about what occurred in front of a number of other people who were at the parlour receiving treatment.

"So around the corner from where I'm staying is a Thai massage place, looks great, above board, everything's fantastic," he said.

"So I got in and I have a Thai massage and I just got back from Thailand and they ... have you ever had a Thai massage? It's like panel beating, they really get into it. I nearly tapped out three times."

Mick Molloy speaking into a microphone in the Triple M studio.
Mick Molloy described the incident as 'quite shocking'. Source: Instagram/@triplembreakfast

Mick told his co-host after the massage he was so relaxed that when he stood up he felt dizzy.

"I walked out the front and didn't realise the door was shut and walked into the window," he said as his colleagues lost it.

He added eight people in different cubicles burst out laughing, saying, "It was really quite shocking".

"At the front all the guys and girls getting foot massages, they had front-row seats to one of the great shows in town."


Mark 'MG' Geyer added: "One of the best things about that, when you're in a cubicle setup, is trying to hold your wind in when you get pushed."

It comes as Mick also confessed on radio he bought a paparazzi photo taken of him ordering a burrito in Bondi.

"It was an invasion of my privacy. It was a private moment between a man and the burrito," he joked on his radio show.

He added media had told him the photo had been shopped around and nobody had bought it, so Mick spent $70 on the photo of himself so he could use it on a TV show.

Mick has returned to Triple M after departing in 2021 and following the axing of the MG, Jess and Pagey breakfast show in November.


“I’m excited to be returning to my spiritual home at Triple M and look forward to getting amongst it, in the Sydney breakfast radio scene," he said in a statement from Southern Cross Austereo announcing the news.

"After a year away from the radio waves I wanted a new challenge and Sydney is the perfect opportunity. I’m also looking forward to working with MG and swapping stories. And if this doesn’t work out, I’ll throw my hat in the ring at The Project. I hear there’s an opening.”

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