Men are admitting to owning a 'yellow pillow' after viral image: 'Disgusting!'

Are straight men OK? No one really knows.

Men of the internet are coming forward with deeply personal pillow confessions after one man uploaded a picture of the now viral 'yellow pillow'.

A brave Twitter user shared a photo of his 'Yellow Pillow' stating that his girlfriend was mad at him after he revealed the nearly extinct species. "Fellas, I'm sure you all know this thing is magic," he said.

The tweet went viral, with many other men confessing to owning the yellow pillow and uploading their own filthy pics.

"It’s not my fault the pillow is yellow and bestows upon me the most peaceful slumber," the original Tweeter commented under his pillow image.

kim kardashian meme, yellow pillow from twitter
Twitter's viral yellow pillow. Photo:

'Best sleep ever'

Many men flocked to the comments to agree the yellow pillow always provided them with the 'best sleep ever'.

"Best sleep ever using this sweat-soaked abomination," one guy shared.

"I know you be having 14-hour deep sleeps on that mfer," another said.

"Part of being a man is using the same pillow since the age of 10 and never washing it," one yellow pillow fan commented.


"My life has been a downward spiral since I threw away mine when I was like 23," another said.

"That one pillow is so loyal and I don't have it in me to throw it out," another dedicated yellow pillow fan said. "It’s been with me through the hardest times."

"Just recently got rid of my 12+ year old yellow guy. Thinking about him every night," someone else said.

Not everyone was a fan of the yellow pillow, however. Thank god.

"Do none of you use pillow protectors?" one distressed woman asked.

"Did you know you can machine wash pillows?" another person pointed out.

"Disgusting lmao you should buy them cheap on sale and just throw away or wash as needed," another said.

How to clean your yellow pillows (you filthy animals)

According to Rebecca Swain, a mattress expert from Winstons Beds’, if you're dealing with a sweat-soaked pillow, you can give it a deep clean to prevent bacteria growth and cases of mould, and it can be done by using items you probably already have in the house.


"White vinegar and limes are budget-friendly ways to remove the stains so you’re not left having to throw away an entire bed set, or even worse the mattress,” Rebecca said.

She also advised to wash pillows every three weeks, with experts noting that washing your pillows at 90ºC can 'remove any bacteria caused by sweat'.

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