Woman's crop top 'wardrobe malfunction' at the gym slammed

"New gym fear unlocked: wardrobe malfunctions."

Fitness influencer Kylie Thompson took to TikTok recently to share a video that accidentally captured her experiencing a wardrobe malfunction.

In the video, Kylie, who goes by @kylietfitness on the app, is setting herself up on a leg machine at the gym when she looks down and realises her zip-up crop has come undone.

A fitness TikToker @kylietfitness suffers wardrobe malfunction
A fitness TikToker has been slammed after sharing video of herself experiencing a slight wardrobe malfunction at the gym. Photo: TikTok/kylietfitness

Clearly worried, the Canadian woman looks around after fixing the zip, which is in the middle of the crop top, but thankfully no one could see anything that Kylie didn't want on display.

She wrote, "New gym fear unlocked: wardrobe malfunctions."

"Shoutout to the clasp on the inside... you a real one," the TikToker added in the caption of the video, referencing the clasp at the top of the crop that held it together.

While Kylie was just poking fun at herself and a situation that has probably plagued many people at the gym, many users left disappointing comments.

"Maybe wear clothes instead of undergarments. I wish i was born 2000 years ago," one user wrote.


"That’s why there’s something called shirts for public," another said.

"Nothing wrong with a little boob action my friend," Kylie responded, with another user hitting back and writing, "Or we can wear what we want because this covers everything that needs to be, go and tell that to men that go around shirtless."

"Staged," someone else claimed.

"Oh no 10 people might have seen me at the gym, let me post it so 10,000 more can see it as well," another said.

"Exactly why I’ll never buy the zipper bras," one person added.

Thankfully, some users were supportive, suggesting it happened because of Kylie's 'chest gains', while another shared her own embarrassing story, writing, "My leggings ripped in the crotch while doing squats, didn’t realise till I did hip thrust, too embarrassed to leave [because] I just got there, didn’t leave [though]."

Another user shared that they had a similar crop top, but the zip broke. They added, "I was trapped in it and had to have my roommate basically cut me out."

"I had this exact malfunction on the treadmill luckily I had a shirt on top," someone else said.


"Mine exploded but thankfully at home before I left for the gym," one user also shared.

"My shorts ripped right down the middle during leg day yesterday," someone else said, with another user responding, "I used to go commando under leggings before seeing a video like that. Now I wear underwear every time I go to the gym."

Others commented that Kylie hadn't 'locked the zipper', which seemed to be a common occurrence, with one user also sharing that they've used a safety pin to keep a similar zip-up crop top closed.

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