Woman uses $1.50 Kmart product to create stunning fascinator

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There may be no crowds at Flemington Racecourse this year but that hasn’t stopped people from going all out and dressing up for Melbourne Cup.

One woman has proved you don’t need to splash out to get the look as she’s gone viral online for turning a Kmart placemat into a chic fascinator.

Louise Palmer Kmart placemat hat
Louise Palmer's amazing Melbourne Cup hack has stunned. Photo: Supplied
woman creates fascinator with placemat
Using this $1.50 Kmart product, Louise managed to create an epic fascinator. Photo: Supplied

Louise Palmer, who attended a Melbourne Cup get together at her office, took a simple $1.50 black woven placemat from the budget store and managed to transform it into a stunning accessory,

Taking to Facebook, Louise said she saw the hack on Pinterest years ago and decided to to give it a whirl.

“When you refuse to pay $50+ for a hat/fascinator for Melbourne Cup, so you use your creativity, some feathers, $2 hair clip, $2.50 piece of tulle, $10 fabric glue and (the pièce de résistance) a $1.50 placemat from Kmart to make one,” she wrote.


Woman's Kmart fascinator
Louise simply twisted the mat and placed pegs on it to create a structure. Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied
She added tulle around the edhes. Photo: Supplied

Louise took the mat, twisted it and secured it with pegs before adding feathers and a flower to it and letting it dry in the sun. The whole process only took her 30 minutes.

Needless to say, people were floored online, with many calling it the best thing they’ve seen all day.

“Wow this is officially the greatest hack I have seen!!! Well done,” one person wrote.

Woman's Kmart fascinator
Louise left it out to dry in the sun. Photo: Supplied
DIY fascinator
The end result was amazing. Photo: Supplied

“I hope you're super proud of yourself, it looks brilliant! I honestly think you could sell these, if I had only seen the finished product I would have never thought it was made out of a placemat,” another person wrote.

“Honestly take it up as a hobby you did well and sell them even on eBay,” another said.

Lousie told Yahoo Lifestyle she couldn’t believe the positive response to her clever hack.

“I just figured it was cheaper doing it myself as It’s something you’ll wear once a year!”

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