Dave Hughes' Melbourne Cup appearance falls flat

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Melbourne Cup viewers have blown up over comedian Dave Hughes’ appearance as a host during the television broadcast of the event on Channel 10.

The Network’s coverage had already copped a barrage of criticism earlier in the day, with viewers calling it “terrible” and “tough to watch”, but Hughes’ stint in particular sparked a fair bit of outrage on Twitter.

Dave Hughes melbourne cup
Viewers weren't keen on Dave Hughes' appearance. Photo: Channel 10

The popular television and radio presenter had earlier this year revealed he had been on a “full plant based” diet since Nov 2019. In an interview with the ABC he said he had given up all animal products, including eggs and honey.

Viewers didn’t understand why he would want to be involved with the ‘race that stops the nation’, also savaging his intro as ‘one of the funniest men in Australia’.

“I would’ve thought vegans would be opposed to the inhumane treatment horses are subjected to. Not this vegan,” one person wrote.


“I thought Dave Hughes was a vegan and against the exploitation of animals? Well we now know what he is … we’re just haggling over his hourly rate … does he take credit card,” another said.

While a third asked: “And why is Dave Hughes there. Ridiculously poor from Channel 10.”

channel 10 melbourne cup
The Network's Melbourne Cup coverage has been slammed. Photo: Channel 10

Bored television viewers of the Melbourne Cup have continued to savage Channel 10 over the coverage.

With lockdown restrictions preventing the usuals thousands of punters from descending on the Flemington Racecourse, the network has been forced to get creative to fill in the hours of time on air that might have otherwise been spent focusing on the fashion and celebrity angles of the Cup carnival.

In particular, viewers have accused the broadcaster of using the time between races as cross-promotion for their other shows, with stars from Googlebox Australia and Masterchef appearing in different segments across the morning.

“Well congrats. Worst coverage of cup week to date,” one critic wrote on Twitter.

“Hope your coverage gets better than that rubbish!” another replied.

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