Ex-McDonald's worker reveals common customer fail

An ingredient in Big Mac sauce has exposed a lie that McDonald's customers often tell.

Former McDonald's employee and The Voice Australia contestant Ally Eley has revealed a little-known ingredient in Big Mac "special sauce", blowing the minds of Macca's fans everywhere and exposing a common customer fail in the process.

Ms Eley explained in a TikTok video that customers would often claim to be allergic to gherkins and ask staff to take them off their burgers, only to later admit they were lying in an effort to ensure all pickles were actually removed.

Mcdonald's restaurant, TikToker Ally Eley
An ex-Mcdonald's worker says it doesn't make sense for people to claim they're allergic to pickles when ordering a Big Mac. Source: Getty, TikTok/@ally.eleyy

Surprising ingredient revealed

The problem? It turns out Big Mac sauce is actually a pickle relish. However, most customers who don't want gherkins on their burger still want the signature sauce.

Sharing with her 40,000 followers, Ms Eley acted out a conversation she had with a customer back in her Macca's days, starting out with the all too familiar: "Hi, what can I get for you?"

"Hi, could I please have a Big Mac meal but could I have no pickles?" the dramatised customer asks. "And I mean no pickles, because I'm deadly allergic and if I have a pickle, I will die."

"Yep no worries, do you also want no Big Mac sauce then?" Ms Eley replies. However, the customer then responds: "No, just no pickles please, the sauce is fine."

Ms Eley then reveals that the sauce could actually kill the customer. "But the Big Mac sauce actually has pickles in it, so if you're deadly allergic, then we should probably take that out," she says.

After some back and forth over the order, the customer finally admits to lying: "OK, I lied, I'm not actually allergic, I just said that because every time I come here, you guys stuff up my order and I ask for no pickles and you put pickles on the burger. So I just say I'm allergic, so the sauce is fine, just no pickles."

McDonald's fans divided

Lots of viewers sympathised with Ms Eley, calling out the disingenuous customer. "I would have put pickles on the burger," one joked. "How hard is it to take the pickles out yourself?" asked another.

However, other Big Mac aficionados, having regularly found themselves in the same predicament, empathised with the customer. "I'm on the customer's side 100%. Macca's 99% of the time just puts pickles on it because the workers are on autopilot and don't care," one wrote. Another added: "I've asked for no pickles every time and I'd say 20 per cent of the time they put no pickles."

McDonald's Big Mac burger
McDonald's customers will get pickles in some form when they order a Big Mac, unless they ask for no sauce. Source: Getty

Big Mac fact blows minds

Meanwhile, some McDonald's fans couldn't get over the secret behind the popular sauce. "How is Big Mac sauce made of pickles?" one confused consumer asked. "Today I learned Big Mac sauce has pickles in it," quipped another.

According to the McDonald's menu, the Big Mac special sauce does indeed contain a relish made from Pickles, Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Distilled Vinegar, Corn Syrup, Salt, Thickener (415), Preservative (202), Spice Extract, and Emulsifier (433).

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