McDonald's Drive Thru change divides opinions: 'I feel exposed'

Influencer Jasmine Hand shared her uncertainty at the new feature, with many more chiming in.

McDonald's customers who order at the restaurant's Drive Thru could be greeted with a personalised welcome message, with many divided over the tech-enhanced development.

Gold Coast influencer Jasmine Hand discovered the new feature and shared her shock online, unsure how the digital kiosk knew who she was.

"Can someone tell me when this became a thing at Macca's?" she asked on TikTok. "I feel like I've been exposed."

Left, Jasmine Hand can be seen in a smiling in a car selfie. Right, the McDonald's kiosk can be seen with the message 'Great to see you Jaz' on the screen.
Jasmine Hand felt 'exposed' after the McDonald's kiosk greeted her by name at the drive-through. Source: TikTok/jazhand

In the video Jasmine can be overheard ordering her meal while the animated message "Great to see you Jaz" flashes on the screen.

'Why has it said my name?'

After asking the question online, many were quick to fill in the blanks, sharing the new feature occurs when customers use the app.

"The MyMacca’s app provides great convenience and value for our customers, with a personalised touch," a McDonald's spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia. "This feature has been available since December on orders made via the MyMacca’s app."

Many sided with the influencer, sharing they would prefer people did not know that they were familiar with the fast-food chain's app.

"This happened to me the other day and I nearly died," one woman shared, while another agreed. "Nah me personally I would have reversed out the drive thru and gone home."

"I would appreciate if they would not. Thanks," one wrote plainly.

Whereas other people enjoyed the personalised touch, sharing they would go out their way to experience it.

"I'm going to deliberately go to Macca's tomorrow to see if my name comes up!" one comment read.

"It did it to me and I felt special," another said.

For customers who do not like the change, it is possible to avoid the personalised message, with McDonald's acknowledging it won't be to every customers liking.

"We know not all customers will appreciate the personalised greeting so we’ve made it a feature that MyMacca’s customers can opt out of by going to their settings in the app," the spokesperson said.

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