Matthew McConaughey Worries Fans With Photo Showing Alarming Facial Swelling

Matthew McConaughey recently suffered a bee sting, and is dealing with some gnarly swelling as a result of the run-in with the insect.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor took to Instagram with a photo of his injuries on Wednesday, July 10, showcasing his eye, which was swollen completely shut, and his enlarged cheek area.

According to Cleveland Clinic, after effects of a bee sting can include swelling, skin discoloration and itching that may last for a few days following the incident.

Though the 54-year-old noted in his social media caption that the facial disproportion was due to "bee swell," fans were still concerned, given how he looked, and piled into the comment section asking if he was "alright."

"Are you all right all right all right?" one inquired, referencing his on-screen role as David Wooderson in 1993-released cult classic, Dazed and Confused.

Another fan sent in well wishes, adding, "Ouch! 😖 heal up Alright!! ❤️"

"Oh goodness," someone else wrote in shock, as another gushed, "Still handsome."

Meanwhile, You vs. Wild star Bear Grylls sympathized, "Oh yeah brother! I’ve been there… 😂😉."

Even the official Instagram account of McConaughey's spirits brand, Pantalones Organic Tequila, left a comment checking in: "You good, boss?"

Just days before his sting, the Dallas Buyers Club star shared a birthday tribute for his son Levi—whom he shares, along with daughter Vida and youngest of the three, Livingston, with wife Camila—that left fans dubbing him an "incredible" parent.

"Enjoy your journey," the proud dad wrote on July 7 alongside a video montage of moments with the newly-minted 16-year-old.

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