Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Walker Finale, The Bear, Presumed Innocent, The Way Home, Melrose Place, The Rookie, Criminal Minds and More!

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Walker Finale, The Bear, Presumed Innocent, The Way Home, Melrose Place, The Rookie, Criminal Minds and More!
Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Walker Finale, The Bear, Presumed Innocent, The Way Home, Melrose Place, The Rookie, Criminal Minds and More!

Will The Bear serve up any supersized entrees? How will The Rookie change after the strikes-shortened season? Will Elsbeth solve the mystery that is romance? Read on for answers to those questions and many more! (You can and should email brand-new Qs to

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How long are the episodes of The Bear this season? Are there any as long as last season’s “Fishes”? –Jacob
No, there’s nothing close to the hour-plus “Fishes.” Season 3’s 10 episodes range from 27 to 43 minutes, with the last three all being in the 40s.

Is the Walker finale closed-ended, especially after the unfortunate cancellation news? –Ivan
Wednesday night’s character-centric finale gives viewers enough of a sense of where Cordell & Co. are headed to provide an inkling of closure and leave you feeling hopeful about their futures — but there’s a surprising twist that will have you screaming for more.

What is happening with Anon Pls at Max?  –Austin
I asked around, and there are no updates at this time on the Max HBO series based on DeuxMoi’s novel of the same name, announced back in November.

Any updates on the upcoming Melrose Place revival? I hope it will actually move forward!  –Daniel
I am assured that it is still in development and being actively shopped to potential buyers/platforms.

My nieces and nephews love The Adventures of Paddington. Is there any news when Paramount+ will get Season 3? –Holly
There is still a bit more of Season 3 left to air on Nick Jr., and all of said season will eventually wind up on Paramount+. (There is no timetable for that at the moment, though.)

How much does The Way Home‘s Del really know about the pond? Or has she definitely been in the dark this whole time? –J.D.
“That’s something that is going to be looked at a lot closer, under a bigger microscope, in Season 3,” co-showrunner Alexandra Clark told TVLine. “In a weird way, even at the top of our Season 1 writers’ room, we always did think that Season 1 was really a journey for Alice and bringing her family back together, but also finding herself. Season 2 is really the story of Kat and her quest to find Jacob and bring him home. So we do really love the idea of putting Del a little bit more under the microscope in a Season 3, because we know who she is, but we don’t. If you actually really look at it, there’s a lot under the surface that we have yet to really mine.”

Any information on The Rig Season 2? It feels like forever since Season 1 wrapped. –Josh
I am hearing that Season 2 of the supernatural thriller wrapped filming and is currently in post-production, to premiere Stateside on Prime Video possibly by early 2025.

There is this fabulous Danish show on Netflix called Rita, which Showtime was planning on remaking and had even cast Lena Headey as the lead character. The last we heard of it was about four years ago when the pilot was being developed, but it’s been quiet since. With all the changes at Showtime, is the show dead now, or did that happen long ago? –Denis
You answered your own question there — a rigorous Googling tells me that Headey’s Rita indeed died on the vine more than two years ago.

With the mentions of Elsbeth‘s son, might we meet Teddy’s dad in Season 2? Elsbeth had no love life in Season 1. –Ken
When I last spoke to series lead Carrie Preston, she seemed in no rush for Elsbeth to get romantically entangled, just yet. “She’s single, and that’s wonderful about the show,” she said. “She’s come to New York from Chicago, reinventing herself in some ways, so I think it’s great she’s not attached to anyone except her self and her career, her son…. It will be interesting to see if we ever see a love interest for her, because she’s very busy — and happily so!” (Note, Ken: A TVLine reader reminds that Will Patton played ex-husband Mike Tascioni in several Good Wife Season 7 episodes.)

Do you know if Almost Paradise (starring Leverage’s Christian Kanehas been cancelled? It is or was almost the only series with a tropical climate left, after Magnum P.I. and NCIS: Hawai’i were cancelled. –Daniel
I asked around for you, lots, but there is simply nothing to report at this time (one way or the other).

Are we going to see how Criminal Minds‘ BAUGate impacts the rest of the team and JJ this season? –Kate
Suffice to say, JJ is still very much on edge about the whole deepfake porn thing, and that pent-up frustration leads to her well-teased, long-awaited first eruption with an F-word this Thursday. Bonus scoop: More smoking Prentiss ahead! Indoors! But seriously, this week is a very intense episode. Things happen. Oh, and I never mentioned that Kirsten Vangsness told me at the start of the season that Voit “smells”; well, this week, you’ll find out like what. Bonus, non-carcinogenic scoop: Next week, Prentiss sings!

With The Rookie already filming Season 7, are there any updates to hold me over until the premiere in 2025? –Emily 
Coming out of a lean-and-mean, strikes-shortened Season 6, and looking ahead to an 18-episode Season 7, “I do think we’ll go back to being more of a standalone show with serialized elements,” showrunner Alexi Hawley told me, “because it’s going to be a longer season and I think people really do like that. Also, there are the many different ways we tell stories — whether it’s the big event-type episodes, the more rom-com episodes, or with a big guest star — so it’ll be fun to go back to that.”

Anything on my new obsession, Presumed Innocent? –Delilah
With the murder trial about to get underway — and in the wake of Rusty’s latest antics/pummeling of a possible Liam Reynolds accomplice — Rigo will be put in quite a spot when called to the stand by Tommy and Nico. “The conflict that’s set up in the previous episodes comes to head with her testimony,” Nana Mensah, the detective’s portrayer, told me, “because [Rusty is someone] she believes in but also is suspicious of, as is the audience. She will be a wonderful proxy for the audience in that moment.”

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