MasterChef's major milestone goes unnoticed: 'Missed opportunity'

The cooking competition has made reality TV history in Australia.

MasterChef Australia celebrated an enormous milestone this week that went completely unnoticed by the show’s network, judges, and a majority of viewers.

Tuesday night’s episode marked the 1000th episode of the Australian reality show, which only a handful of fans celebrated on Reddit.

Tuesday night’s episode of MasterChef Australia marked the reality show’s 1000th episode. Photo: Channel 10
Tuesday night’s episode of MasterChef Australia marked the reality show’s 1000th episode. Photo: Channel 10

“I happened to be reading Wikipedia to respond to another post and noticed an amazing statistic, MasterChef Australia's main show has almost hit 1,000 episodes!” one user posted earlier this week.

“There were 981 episodes in seasons 1-15 and this week episode 19 will be the one thousandth episode!”

The fan went on to share that those who have seen every single episode of the cooking competition have consumed almost 42 days' worth of non-stop programming.


Another viewer replied saying it was a “missed opportunity” that Channel 10 didn’t acknowledge the huge feat on either the show or social media.

“They could and should have done something big this week to celebrate the 1000th episode,” they added.

MasterChef Australia judges Andy Allen, Jean-Christophe Novelli, Poh Ling Yeow and Sofia Levin.
Fans said it was a ‘missed opportunity’ that Channel 10 didn’t acknowledge the milestone in any way. Photo: Channel 10

MasterChef Australia is only the second Australian reality TV show to reach 1,000 episodes after Big Brother Australia, which has produced 1,590 episodes. However, given that Big Brother was on hiatus from 2015 to 2020, MasterChef is the only Australian reality show to produce 1,000 consecutive episodes.

Meanwhile, The Block is approaching its 1,000-episode milestone as it sits on 907 episodes. Considering each season includes an average of 50 episodes, the renovation series is expected to achieve this feat during its 21st season in 2025.

In comparison, My Kitchen Rules has aired 423 episodes, Australian Idol has aired 309, Married At First Sight has aired 301, Australian Survivor has aired 246, The Voice has aired 224, The Bachelor has aired 167, Dancing With The Stars has aired 164, and Farmer Wants A Wife has aired 104.


Outside of reality TV, Four Corners is the longest-running Australian television program in history celebrating 63 years on-air in August 2024. This is closely followed by Play School which has been on-air since 1966 and has produced approximately 4516 episodes.

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