'Cried my eyes out': MasterChef fans left in tears over emotional episode

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It’s the reality show that’s captured the hearts of people all over the nation and last night’s episode of MasterChef had fans in floods of tears.

Inside a mystery box, each contestant was given a photo from their childhood, which led to some of the most emotional moments we’ve ever seen in the reality show kitchen.

MasterChef's Reynold
Reynold broke down crying over a photo from his childhood. Photo: Channel 10

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as each Back To Win contestant relayed stories from their past, with some fans online saying they should have been warned to have a box of tissues nearby.

A usually stoic Reynold broke down as he revealed the picture of him sitting out the back of his parents’ kitchen brought back a plethora of emotions for him, with Melissa letting him know that it’s clear he got his strong work ethic from his family.

Khan burst into tears over a photo of his with his parents on the day they arrived in Australia. He went on to reveal he was born in a refugee camp and the photo showed the day they were approved to enter Australia.

Khan on MasterChef
Khan got emotional talking about his past. Photo: Channel 10

Even judge Jock Zonfrillo choked up as Reece Hignell served up his grandmother’s Victoria sponge cake, with the Scottish chef saying it brought back memories for him of his granny whipping up the desert for him when he was young.

Needless to say, fans were in tears at the surge of emotions running through the kitchen last night.

“You could have warned us, to have the kleenex ready,” one person wrote.

“Already my most favourite masterchef episode; remarkable people, in a precious moment, in a crazy world, '' another person wrote.

“Aww man, I couldn’t stop the tears for Khan and Reynold,” a fan said.

Poh on MasterChef 2020
It was an emotional night in the MasterChef kitchen. Photo: Channel 10

What made it worse was that the judges or the contestants weren’t able to hug each other due to social distancing rules because of the coronavirus.

Yesterday, Jock told WSFM 101.7 Jonesy & Amanda show, that he found it ‘very difficult’ not to be able to give the contestants a high five or a hug when they were eliminated as it’s ‘human nature’ to comfort someone when they’re upset.

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