MasterChef's Matt Preston’s TikTok hack divides fans: ‘Not good’

Matt Preston has left his TikTok followers divided after sharing a tutorial on how to make sweet chilli instant ramen, which he calls “one of the finest hacks on TikTok”.

While the meal itself looked delicious, simply using butter, garlic, brown sugar, soy sauce, chilli, eggs, noodles and shallots, it was something else that had people talking.

Matt Preston's TikTok.
Matt Preston’s ramen video has left viewers divided. Photos: TikTok/mattpreston

Several users were critical of the former MasterChef judge’s decision to join TikTok and share recipes as they saw it as a downgrade from his TV career.

“From a MasterChef judge to two-minute noodles chef, big drop.” one person wrote.

“That’s not good food," another person said.


When one user remarked that the food critic had “fallen from grace”, a number of people rushed to defend him.

“He could certainly find ways of building this TikTok, but wouldn’t say he’s fallen from grace just because he’s not viral. He’s a nice guy with good food,” a follower replied.

Meanwhile, quite a few fans requested that Matt write down the full recipe so they can cook it themselves, and said they were really enjoying his content.

“I respect this man for bringing his cooking to TikTok, looks amazing and I’m going to make it,” one person commented.

“I am seriously loving you being on TikTok, thanks Matt,” another wrote.

“I don’t know what he cooked, I was too busy looking at his handsome face. What a man!” a different user shared, followed by someone else with, “Your hair, sir. It is magnificent. Truly!”

Since posting the ramen TikTok earlier this month, Matt has received over 500k views and 26k likes.

The short-lived Plate Of Origin judge joined the social media platform in October and has already racked up 48k followers and over 400k collective likes on his profile.

Matt Preston on Plate of Origin.
Matt has gained 48K followers on TikTok in two months. Photo: Channel Seven

Matt’s TikTok arrival comes shortly after it was announced that several former MasterChef stars will be returning to the cooking show in 2022 for a Foodies vs Favourites season, including season one champion Julie Goodwin.

In an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, Julie admitted that she is both incredibly excited and nervous about her big return.

“I’m quite petrified about it," she said. “I watch [MasterChef] every year and I’ve just watched the standard rise and rise and the food get more and more amazing.

“It’ll be really interesting to see if my style will cut it these days in the MasterChef kitchen.”

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