MasterChef fans go wild over behind-the-scenes photos: 'Dreadful'

MasterChef fans have been left surprised after the show's official Instagram account shared some behind-the-scenes photos of the contestants' hanging out at their accommodation when they weren't filming, with one user going to so far as to call it 'dreadful'.

"Blink and you'll miss it, it's already the end of week 2!" the post read, alongside several images of the contestants at the house they lived in during filming.

MasterChef cast at home
MasterChef fans were left shocked to see what the contestants' share house looks like in behind-the-scenes photos. Photo: Ten

Fans quickly flooded the comment section, with one user writing, "TBH I think Endomol Shine (or whoever it is) have a nerve giving these contestants such dreadful accomodation! I cant believe what I'm seeing."

"Doesn’t look a particularly inviting place to rest up and relax! Chipped old table etc," another added.


"What happened to that fancy house contestants used to live in?" a third questioned.

"The photos look like [they're] taken in 1990 and printed on film..." one fan joked.

"Geez looks like they really lashed out on luxe digs this year," someone else wrote with laughing emojis.

Fans questioned what had happened to the 'fancy house' contestants had previously lived in. Photo: Ten
Fans questioned what had happened to the 'fancy house' contestants had previously lived in. Photo: Ten
MasterChef bts
It's possible the photos were simply taken backstage, however, not at their accommodation. Photo: Instagram/Ten

"Not impressed with the accommodation for the contestants. Looks like cabins at a caravan park," another added.

However, others only saw the contestants having a good time, with one user writing, "I love this season [so much]."

"Loving the BTS photos of the cast interactions," another said.

"Lovely group of cooks this year," a third said.

"I love seeing the camaraderie between the contestants," someone else wrote on Facebook.

Other photos shared in the MasterChef Australia 2023 Facebook group show contestants posing for selfies in what appears to be a serviced apartment, so it seems as though the photos shared to Instagram may have been taken backstage, not at their accommodation.

MasterChef contestants in serviced apartments
Other photos show the contestants in what appears to be a serviced apartment. Photo: Facebook

Refinery29 Australia reported last year that contestants have previously been put up in a serviced apartment, with two people in an apartment with their own bedrooms.

In 2020, revealed that contestants usually live in "a multimillion-dollar mansion".

Others shared that they wished the season didn't have to end given it's judge Jock Zonfrillo's final season on the show following his shock death earlier this month, the same day the show was meant to premiere its 15th season.

Network Ten denied claims last week that they are set to begin their search for Jock's replacement as filming for the next season is reportedly set to commence in August.

"Casting for the next season of MasterChef Australia has not commenced. To suggest otherwise is completely false and misleading," a spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle last week.

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