MasterChef viewer points out 'unhygienic' detail: 'Please stop'

MasterChef fans were less than impressed after noticing.

A MasterChef fan has taken to Facebook to slam contestants in the cooking competition after noticing something a few of them have been doing while watching the show.

"Please stop scratching your hair or wiping your faces etc when cooking! Love this show and all contestants, but think while [you're] cooking," the user wrote in the MasterChef Australia 2023 Facebook group.

MasterChef contestants
A MasterChef fan has taken to Facebook to air her concerns over something she has witnessed some contestants do on the show. Photo: Ten

"Actually, I think the same it’s awful," another user responded.

A third pointed out that it appeared as though one contestant "licked [a] spoon... and then kept stirring with it" during one episode.

"And those with long hair should stop draping it into the food that they are preparing every time that they lean over it..." a fourth wrote.


"Hair nets and/or beard nets should be compulsory," someone else wrote, with another agreeing, "And sweatbands! On heads!"

"I agree it is very unhygienic," yet another added.

"For these reasons, I do not eat out, I've seen enough of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares to put me off for life," one user wrote. "I mean people sweat and it drips down their face and nose, don't tell me it doesn't go into the food, and when they use gloves they think they can touch anything and then touch the food and don't think about cross contamination, no one ever knows what goes on in the kitchens. No thank you!"

MasterChef contestant wearing gloves
Some viewers also thought it was unhygienic, even if contestants use gloves. Photo: Ten

However, others weren't so bothered, with one user writing, "It's a TV show, guys, not an operating room. If you saw what went on in most restaurants and takeaways, you would never eat out again. Do you all wear hairnets when cooking for people in your home?"

"You realise the series is already finished. Bit late to be asking contestants to watch what they are doing!" another said.

"I’m just so thankful we are watching this series. It had the potential to be so different considering the circumstances. I’m taking in every moment..." someone else added, referencing the shock loss of judge Jock Zonfrillo, who died on May 1.

Fans baffled by 'weird' detail

It comes after fans were left confused on Monday night when half of the cast appeared to be missing from the episode.

Many took to social media to question what had happened to the show, with one saying that the season felt ‘disjointed’ due to the edit. “This season is weird, no idea what’s happening — think they are chopping bits out — can’t get into it,” they wrote.

Half the MasterChef contestants
Fans were left confused on Monday night, when half of the cast appeared to be missing from the episode. Photo: Ten

“Where are all the contestants? Am I missing something,” a baffled fan added.

“Been trying to find out what’s happened too! Where are they all?” a third chimed in.

“I missed the first week in favour of Lego Masters, what’s the go with the fact that there’s only [seven] contestants but only been one elimination so far? Are they grouped?” another asked.

It turns out that eight contestants had Covid during filming, so the crew had to keep them isolated. Instead of putting filming on hold, the contestants have been divided into two groups.


Judge Melissa Leong explained their absence briefly at the start of the show, but viewers who missed the beginning had no clue as to what was going on.

“Welcome to a brand new week in the MasterChef kitchen. As you can see, a couple more contestants are missing today. Covid strikes again. But, in lighter news, you guys have survived your first elimination!!” she announced.

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