MasterChef fans fuming over Ian Thorpe's move: ‘Weakest link’

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Celebrity MasterChef viewers were less than impressed with one contestant’s actions during Monday night’s episode.

The celebrities were put into pairs for their first service challenge where they were tasked with creating either a sweet or savoury dish using whiskey for 20 people.

MasterChef's Ian Thorpe preparing fries.
Fans online didn’t think that Ian Thorpe did enough during the challenge. Photos: Channel Ten

Among the pairs were Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe and TV presenter Tilly Ramsay, who decided to use their two hour prep time to make a whisky-infused burger with blue cheese, caramelised onion and fries.

However, it didn’t take long for fans on social media to call out Ian for his contributions to the group as it took him an hour and a half to cut and fry the chips while Tilly seemingly prepared everything for the burgers.

“Poor Tilly being paired with Thorpe,” one person wrote, followed by another who tweeted: “Tilly's back must be killing her from carrying potato-chopper-Thorpey for this entire challenge so far.”


“She made the patties, she did the bacon, she did the pickling liquid, she chopped all the onions, I’m annoyed and not happy,” someone else shared, with a fourth commenting: “Really dumb choosing to cut potatoes for the entire challenge.”

“Ian Thorpe, you are the weakest link. Goodbye,” a different user said, while another joked, “Thank god Ian Thorpe swam faster than he cuts chips!”.

MasterChef's Ian Thorpe and Tilly Ramsay's burger.
Ian and Tilly prepared a whisky infused burger with fries. Photo: Channel Ten

Despite spending almost two hours preparing the chips, the judges were rather disappointed when they were eventually served Ian and Tilly’s dish.

“Look at the fry, it’s a bit limp,” Jock Zonfrillo remarked.

“That’s a bit of a sad fry,” Andy Allen added. “That’s disappointing because he spent a lot of time on those. He was so close. They’re seasoned well, they’re fluffy on the inside. Unfortunately, they’re just a bit soggy.”

Several fans online, however, admitted that they prefer “soggy fries” to crispy ones and they would’ve loved Ian’s side.

“I don't know what Jock's talking about. Limp fries are usually the best, with chicken salt,” someone tweeted.

MasterChef's Jock Zonfrillo and Melissa Leong.
The judges were disappointed with the final dish and the ‘limp’ fries. Photos: Channel Ten

Meanwhile, the whiskey-infused burger was also overcooked and viewers put the blame on Ian.

“Tilly’s burgers are overdone because she had to do the rest of the dish while Thorpey undercooked his fries,” one person wrote.

“I’m really feeling for Tilly. She literally did everything and because of that she messed up her patties,” another added.

Unfortunately for the duo, their dish wasn’t enough for them to receive immunity and they will now have to partake in Sunday night’s elimination challenge.

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