MasterChef fans ‘devastated’ after shock celebrity elimination: ‘Nooo!’

MasterChef fans were left heartbroken after a fan favourite celebrity became the first contestant to be eliminated this season.

Chrissie Swan left the competition on Sunday night after failing to impress the judges with her two dishes centred around eggs and bacon.

Chrissie Swan on MasterChef.
Chrissie Swan was the first celebrity to leave MasterChef this season. Photo: Supplied

“We’ve loved the energy that you’ve brought to the MasterChef competition,” judge Melissa Leong said after breaking the sad news. “Thank you so much, we really have loved having you.”

“I think I’ve had a really full MasterChef experience,” Chrissie reflected. “All the panic and the things going wrong. All of it, I’ve had a bit of everything. It’s been fabulous.”


The first elimination challenge this season was set by celebrity chef, and contestant Tilly’s father, Gordon Ramsay. Round one was all about eggs, with the bottom three celebrities moving onto the second stage and cooking a bacon dish.

After Dilruk Jayasinha played his immunity pin at the last minute to escape potential elimination, it was left to Chrissie Swan and Ian Thorpe to battle it out.

The Olympic swimmer ended up serving the preferred dish, a Japanese inspired club sandwich, while Chrissie forgot to include bacon in part of her deconstructed quiche Lorraine and also undercooked the pastry.

MasterChef cast looking shocked.
Chrissie's fellow MasterChef contestants were shocked to see her go. Photo: Channel Ten

“Chrissie’s one of the best cooks that we actually have here, watching what she’s cooked and trying it,” Ian said to the judges after the results were revealed.

Rebecca Gibney added: “And live every moment, that’s what you’ve taught all of us I think. Just be in the moment and just enjoy it.”

“Maybe I should’ve taken it a bit more seriously,” the Nova radio host replied, before bursting into laughter.

Fans online were quick to express their disappointment that Chrissie, who described herself as a “total bonkers mess”, was eliminated so early on in the competition.

“So sad to see Chrissie leave. She was a laugh a minute, she made the show,” one person wrote.

Chrissie Swan hugging Ian Thorpe on MasterChef.
Fans shared their hopes online that Chrissie would return to the competition soon. Photo: Channel Ten

“Nooo! There goes the fun,” another added, while a third said they were “devastated”.

“Chrissie brought a lot of laughter to the MasterChef kitchen, you will be missed,” someone else commented.

“Funniest episode I’ve ever seen! Chrissie was so bloody entertaining, what a gem,” a different user replied.

Others shared their hopes that Chrissie would return to the competition soon, either as a contestant again or in another form.

“Can she be a guest judge for all of next season? Her energy, laugh and vibe cannot be matched, I loved watching her cook and chat. She brings a different level and has an ‘everyday person’s’ opinion,” a fan suggested.

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