'It's a big no!' MasterChef fans disgusted by Poh's 'shock' dish

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Monday night's episode of MasterChef Australia saw Poh Ling Yeow choose a particularly "shocking" ice cream flavour leaving fans at home feeling repulsed.

The chef created a dessert involving mustard flavoured ice cream, which she made using gold flakes and truffle oil.

MasterChef Poh
MasterChef fans were repulsed after seeing Poh's dish on Monday night which featured a mustard ice cream. Photo: Ten

Telling the judges, Poh said, "I was really sparing with it. And I do love the idea of the truffle in ice cream."

While judge Andy Allen described the ice cream as "super punchy" and adding, "I wouldn't say it's the most pleasant flavour, but then you put them together and they both counteract each other quite well."

However, Jock Zonfrillo wasn't a fan, saying, "I just didn't love the ice cream."

Many viewers were not keen on the idea of mustard ice cream and took to social media to share their views.

"Mustard [ice cream], it's a big no from me. Sorry," wrote one fan.

Another added, "I draw the line at mustard ice cream."

Someone else joked, "Can’t wait to go to an [ice cream] shop and get a gold mustard [ice cream]. NOT!!!"

"Mustard ice-cream is not a thing that should exist," shared another viewer.

Someone mused, "I for one am shocked that a mustard ice cram didn’t work out..."

However, some fans were very curious about the taste of the dish, with one saying, "Oooffft mustard ice cream, I need it."

It comes after fans were stunned to see Poh make it through another elimination after cooking a curry that she herself thought tasted nothing like guest judge Benjamin Cooper's dish.

Despite Poh realising during the challenge that her broth was completely wrong and serving up a sauce that was too heavy, she slipped through to the final nine.

Some fans alleged the judges may be biased towards some contestants, saying that Poh could serve up an empty plate and she would still make it through.

“The number of times the judges have been bias towards Poh is horrendous. Like literally she says that the curry tastes different but still Sarah_T gets eliminated. It's like it's decided that Poh is gonna win. She can rather serve an empty plate,” one person wrote.

“I was really excited about #masterchefau this year but the bias with Poh, Laura, nope. May never watch again,” another person said.

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