MasterChef promo mistake spoils challenge winner

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

MasterChef fans were left a little disappointed and underwhelmed when they spotted an editing mistake in the promo for Thursday night’s episode that gave away the winner of the challenge.

The teaser hinted viewers would see the 'the greatest dish of the season’, but before time was even up in the challenge, fans spotted Reynold Poernomo's speckled bowl.

The bowl that gave it all away. Photo: Channel 10

“THE BOWL THE BOWL! It IS Reynold's dish,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“Reynold just showed Andy how he was going to plate. It was the same speckled bowl like it’s in the TV Ad The Greatest Dish,” another fan had spotted.

Reynold certainly lived up to his title of the ‘dessert king’ but fans were left underwhelmed by his immunity win after the advertisement had already revealed the outcome.

Although some still took to social media to congratulate him.

“So well deserved,” one fan wrote.

Reynold is a favourite to take out the entire season, with former contestant Courtney Roulston telling Yahoo Lifestyle previously he was a solid choice for the top spot.

“Who is the best cook overall in the competition, it has to be Reynold I feel,” she told us.

“No one would deny his skill and the way his brain thinks.”

“It’s just next level.”

Reynold has been a far and away favourite alongside Poh Ling Yeow since the series first aired, despite coming fourth in his original season back in 2015 which saw Billie McKay take the top spot.

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