MasterChef's Aldo breaks down over relationship with estranged father

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MasterChef fan favourite Aldo broke down on Sunday night's episode while making a dish that reminded him of his father.

The cook, who is known for his bubbly personality, was cooking a dish that reminded him of his childhood and his father, who he no longer has a relationship with.

MasterChef's Aldo
MasterChef fan favourite Aldo broke down in tears on Sunday night, revealing why he doesn't have much of a relationship with his dad. Photo: Ten

Speaking about his octopus dish, he told the cameras, "This is something that's very close to me. It's just bringing me back to a happy time in my life, when I had a great happy family."

Speaking with the judges, he told them through tears, "It's memory, memory of going for Christmas Eve to the market with my father."


"My last time that I was back home in Italy was for my wedding, actually, to my husband," he told the cameras. "And that is when my father decided to not show up to the wedding, because he thought that it was a circus. And that's when I cut him out of my life."

He continued through tears, "But I still want to remember that part of me being happy. And that's why I want to cook this dish."

MasterChef star Aldo
Aldo teared up while sharing memories of his father. Photo: Ten
MasterChef's Aldo's wedding
He revealed that his father didn't show up to his wedding, labelling it a 'circus', so Aldo cut him out of his life. Photo: Ten

Fans shared their support for Aldo on Instagram with one user writing, "You are very much loved, respected and celebrated by so many! Be happy."

"Love you Aldo! You have got this. It looks amazing," another wrote.

"Bless him, he's such a sweetheart," a third wrote, while another added, "My heart just broke for Aldo's story."

"You deserve nothing but love," yet another supportive fan wrote.

Others thanked him for sharing his story with many others saying it broke their heart.

Aldo's husband Mark also shared a video of the moment and wrote, "I really didn't think I could be more proud of my husband, but then..."

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