MasterChef fans slam the show over edit fail: 'Slap in the face'

MasterChef Australia: Foodies vs Favourites fans have slammed the show after it didn't include footage of any of the original judges during flashbacks from season one to eleven.

Twitter users were shocked to see flashbacks of previous contestants had been edited so as not to include the show's previous judges Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan.

MasterChef judges
MasterChef Australia: Foodies Vs Favourites fans have slammed the show after a very obvious edit fail. Photo: Ten

All three judges were replaced in 2019 with the show's current trio: Jock Zonfrillo, Andy Allen, and Melissa Leong.


"The edits not to show the old judges," one fan wrote alongside laughing emojis.

Some were fuming with one writing, "These flog judges pretend they were the original judges during these people's journey! No Yaz were not (sic)!!! Don't pretend to be! Look at Andy 'judge' who did he win under? Like a slap in the face to those before."

Former MasterChef judges
Some fans were annoyed the show seemingly pretended the former judges didn't exist. Photo: Ten

Another agreed, responding, "Yeah, gone off it when the three left/sacked."

However, others were excited for the show to return with many comparing it to Married At First Sight, which recently wrapped up.

"One episode in, a humbling exchange with Julie Goodwin amongst others reminds that #MasterChefAU offers something rare in TV: it celebrates individuality, encourages self-worth & revels in camaraderie," one user wrote.

"No cheating scandals or drama. Just wholesome people supporting each other."

MasterChef tweet
Some fans were annoyed at the fact the previous judges had been edited out. Photo: Twitter
MasterChef fan tweet
Many others were loving the show. Photo: Twitter

"I love that I've been watching #MasterChefAU since 2009," another viewer wrote. "Wholesome TV and a catalyst for my love for cooking and collection of kitchen stuff."

"So pumped for a show that isn’t just lying, cheating and fake drama," a third agreed.

"So glad @masterchefau is back on our screens," yet another wrote. "We are going from the shallowness and narcissism of @MarriedAU, to the authenticity of food and the delightful people that share their gifts and story with us all. So great to have the joy of #MasterChefAU back!"

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