Celebrity Apprentice viewers blast Martha's 'selfish' outburst

Celebrity Apprentice Australia viewers have called out former Married at First Sight star Martha Kalifatidis for seemingly revealing her true reason for doing the show, after what some have labelled a 'selfish' outburst in the boardroom when pleading her case to stay.

The beauty influencer's time on the show is officially over after she was fired alongside former AFL star Josh Gibson on Monday night, narrowly missing out on a spot in the show's grand finale.

celebrity apprentice martha
Martha made one final plea before she was fired. Photo: Channel Nine

The final four competed in a challenge to 'Sell the Impossible' before facing Lord Alan Sugar and his advisors, Janine Allis and Lorna Jane, in the boardroom to see who would make it all the way through to the final episode.

Comedian Ross Noble and his bizarre sand-selling tactic saw him win the first spot, before Lord Sugar said the second spot up for grabs came down to Shaynna Blaze and Martha.

In a bid to stay Martha decided to plead her case, but a slip of the tongue didn't go unnoticed.

"Can I say something? This will change my life. It will literally open so many doors," she said.

"I'm not just an influencer, I'm not just a beauty blogger, I'm not just a makeup artist, and it will give me so many opportunities."


It was Janine who appeared the most shocked, pointing out to Martha that the aim of the show was to raise money for charity.

And Lord Sugar seemed to agree, saying: "You have put your foot in it. The way you're worried about yourself rather than your charity."

celebrity apprentice lord sugar
Lord Sugar sent Shaynna through to the finale. Photo: Channel Nine

In the end it seemed to be the nail in her coffin, with The Block's Shayna going through to the grand final to compete against Ross in the final challenge.

Viewers were quick to take to social media to share their thoughts on Martha's outburst, with many calling it 'selfish'.

"Girl's got a lot of growing up to do," one person wrote on Twitter

"So funny how Martha outed herself as only being on #CelebrityApprentice to promote herself and gain some credibility! Dug her own grave," another said.

married at first sight martha on celebrity apprentice
Martha claimed the show would 'open doors' for her. Photo: Channel Nine

A few fans defended Martha, with one pointing out some of the stars likely relished the chance for more screen time.

"At the end of the day I'm still team Martha," they wrote. "The whole boardroom shaking and crying saying its 'just' about charity, like they not all C level celebrities looking for some screen time too. Martha keeps it real idk what to tell you."

"Wow, the hate for Martha is so uncalled for! I just saw a smart, savvy young business woman who backs herself? Generational divide or what?" another wrote.

Martha took to her Instagram account on Tuesday morning to reminisce about her time on the show, in particular pointing out how much money she raised for her chosen charity BullyZero.

"It was the craziest journey I have ever been on. I learnt so much, I made life long friends and most importantly I raised $40,000 for my charity," she said.

mafs martha on instagram
She took to social media the following day to defend her outburst. Photo: Instagram/martha__k

She also said her boardroom outburst came down to the stress and anxiety of filming.

"Filming is super stressful, let alone being in a boardroom. I obviously don’t spend much time in boardrooms," she said.

"I was out of my comfort zone, nervous and anxious, though you probably couldn’t tell because I tried hard to put in a brave face. But the pressure did get to me and I may have said things under pressure that I didn’t really mean."

Her ever-supportive MAFS beau Michael Brunelli was quick to show his support commenting: "Top 4 & $40k raised... but they didn’t think you’d get past the first challenge!"

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