MAFS' Mikey unleashes in sex confession

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

It caused an explosive fight on Married At First Sight last night and now Mikey Pembroke has spoken up about his sex life with Natasha Spencer. 

Taking to the air on the Kyle & Jackie O Show this morning, Mikey lay it all on the table, claiming the first time they had sex he ‘faked a cramp’ and the next time he only last ten seconds because of the built up sexual frustration between them. 

MAFS groom Mikey has opened up about his sex life with Natasha. Photo: Channel Nine

“I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t that attracted to Natasha. They didn’t show that we really struggled to get on .There’s been a lot of fighting before,” Mikey said

He went on to say they ‘boned more than once” and the first time, he “pulled a cramp”. 

“Personally, if my mind’s not in it, I just can’t get it done, so I’m just like I want to get out of this situation,” he said. 

When asked by Kyle and Jackie O if that meant he had faked the cramp, Mikey replied, saying: “Yes of course, it’s pulling a cramp, come on, every guy can stretch that out and keep going, We can push through a cramp.”

Last night, the couple were caught up in a fight on the Channel Nine show. Photo: Channel Nine

The next time things got hot and heavy between the pair, it only last ten seconds. 

“The other one time it was a build up, I think it was after the first dinner party was just wham bam thank you ma’am. No joke, it was literally 10 seconds,” he said. 

Mikey says Natasha was just ‘not someone he’d ever go for’ and while he thinks she’s a beautiful woman, “at the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

“I didn’t necessarily feel a chemistry with her,” he finished. 

Mikey’s confession comes after Natasha ended up storming away from the dinner table last night at the dinner party when Ivan told her Mikey was embarrassed at her actions. 

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