MAFS fans stunned by groom Liam's X-rated confession

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Married at First Sight viewers were treated to another controversial honesty box session between two of the social experiment's newest participants Georgia and Liam on Tuesday night.

But while some fans were left shocked by Liam's X-rated confession on how many sexual partners he's had, others praised his new 'wife' Georgia for how she handled the news calling them one of the show's 'strongest couples'.

mafs groom liam nervous during honesty box date
Liam was worried he would be judged for how many sexual partners he's had. Photo: Channel Nine

During the couple's honeymoon they were handed the 'dreaded' honesty box – which has already wreaked quite some havoc between other pairings this season – and according to all the promos in the lead up there was one question set to 'shock'.

"How many sexual partners have you had?" Liam asked Georgia, clearly already worried about giving his own answer.

"Not many, maybe like five or six?" Georgia replied.


Liam didn't respond immediately, when Georgie guessed "like 30?".

He confirmed it was more than that, before saying,"I hope you don't judge me, I've had about fifty plus."

Twitter exploded almost immediately, with plenty of people praising Liam's 'game', while some weren't sure they could look past that number.

"How do people have soo many God DAMN sexual partners? Did I miss the memo on being totally relaxed on doing it as much as some of these people," one person wrote.

While another admitted: "Wow...don't know if I could be as accepting as Georgia about the 50+ sexual partners."

mafs bride georgia during honesty box
Georgia was totally chilled despite the revelation. Photo: Channel Nine

Despite what the producers might have hoped to happen, Georgie took the news like an absolute champ.

“Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. It’s you and us from now on. Not from before, so who cares. Honest to god, it does not bother me," she said.

And viewers loved her for it, again slamming the show for trying to make a big issue out of Liam's sexuality.

"I don't think a question about the number of sexual partners one has had is appropriate," one person wrote.

"I am super into how despite producers trying to make Liam’s sexuality a major issue, Georgia is like meh," another said.

While a third cheered: "Georgia yesss girl, nailing it again!!! I adore your support of Liam as a human regardless how the experts or honesty box try trip you up!"

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