Shocking MAFS dinner party moment that didn't make it to air

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

It was one of the most explosive first dinner parties to ever air on Married At First Sight but according to Hayley and Ivan, the worst part of the night didn’t even make it to air.

Hayley and Ivan appeared on the Kyle & Jackie O Show this morning where they opened up about their dispute, which saw the 32-year-old finance broker call the real estate agent a ‘c**t’. 

Hayley and Ivan were caught in a war of words on last night's episode of Married At First Sight. Photo: Instagram/Hayley Vernon

However, now the pair have admitted that things got a lot more heated at the table than we initially thought, with their colourful language getting so bad that Channel Nine decided not to include it in the episode. 

Both Ivan and Hayley agreed that they squared up to each other in their war of words, each throwing out some insults that didn’t make it to air. 

“I was a bottle of wine deep, I had this little s**t come over to me,” Hayley started.

“It got a bit more hectic than that though didn’t it?” Ivan said, with Hayley sounding a bit baffled by Ivan’s remark.

“Don’t you remember the bridge-ups?” Ivan asked, with Hayley responded saying: “No, like head-butting?”

”Yeah, yeah,” Ivan said.  “Hayles bridged-up I bridged-up back. I think there was probably a few too many swear words for them to put that in the edit last night

“It was just a bit of carry on. It was just too strong. I pulled back completely. I said let’s start again. I had no bad intentions. I think I just approached it wrong.”

It all came after Ivan approached Hayley at the dinner party, saying to her:  “You’ve been having f*cking dramas huh?”

“You’re the f*cking talk of the town,”  he continued. 

Ivan and Hayley had it out at the dinner party table in front of everyone. Photo: Channel Nine

Hayley looked less than impressed with Ivan, turning to him and saying: “You’re like a little weasel”

Ivan then asked Hayley if they could start over, introducing himself and asking her what her name was.

That was when Hayley picked up a piece of paper from the table, flicked it in his face and called him a “c**t”.

Everyone else around the table looked on in shock and considering we now know that things got a lot more verbal on the night, their horrified reactions make a lot more sense. 

Hayley has since taken to her Instagram account to post a photo of the moment, alongside the caption: “When you meet someone as in your face as you @ivansarakula... get out of my face matey.”

Ivan posted the same snap to his account, writing: “You don't scare me.”

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