Married At First Sight groom Brent's friend Levi's reality TV past

The first episode of the 2022 season of Married At First Sight featured plenty of drama as bride Tamara Djordjevic married groom Brent Vitiello and made scathing comments about retail workers.

Fans of the show rallied around Brent and his friend Levi Neufeld, who appeared in the episode as the groom's best man.

Married At First Sight's Levi
MAFS' fans have been obsessing over groom Brent Vitiello's friend Levi Neufeld, but you may have seen him on another reality show. Photo: Nine

Levi quickly won himself plenty of fans after grilling Tamara after hearing her describe retail workers as lacking ambition.

"I asked for someone who was ambitious, I want someone who has those same values that I have," Tamara said. "Not because I think working in those kinds of industries is bad ... If that's your goal to stay in a retail job for the rest of your life, and not progress, good on them but that's not me."


"So, you feel like someone who worked in retail would be a step down for you?" Levi questioned. "That's what you just said, it would pull you back."

"I feel bad, because I feel like I kind of handed her the shovel," he told the cameras. "Because I want the best person for Brent, Brent's a really nice guy."

"I need someone that's going further in life than just working in a toy store," Tamara added.

Levi talking to the MAFS cameras
Levi quickly earned himself countless fans after he questioned Tamara on why she wouldn't date someone who worked in retail. Photo: Nine

This led to Brent calling Tamara "spoilt and pretentious and entitled".

"Her views on people that work in retail are horrible," he told the cameras. "She's got a very snobbish way of looking at things... So it looks like it's going to be a clash of heads. We're in for a bit of a rocky road, I've got a feeling."

Fans share love for Levi

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Levi, with one user writing, "Can we get Levi in every episode? I’d like to see him laughing at the dinner party when someone throws a wine."

"Levi getting hotter by the minute," another said, while others called for Levi to be made the next Bachelor.

"Raising my glass to Levi, hero of tonight's episode," one viewer wrote.

"Thank you Levi, saying what everyone is thinking," another added.

Levi's reality TV past

But it wasn't Levi's first foray into reality TV with the 28-year-old previously appearing on The Voice in 2018 as the 'door pusher'.

Levi on the 2018 season of The Voice
Fans may remember Levi from the 2018 season of The Voice where he was the 'door pusher'. Photo: Seven

The Indigenous-Australian model has also appeared in a Samantha Jade video clip for her song 'Circles on the Water'.

Levi has also appeared in numerous ads and photoshoots for brands such as Toyota, Hungry Jacks, Qantas and Love Island.

He was definitely a fan favourite despite not being one of the grooms.

"I'd marry this Levi guy. He's a keeper," one person said.

Some also said they wished Levi would start dating Tamara's bridesmaid Kelly, but turns out he is already taken and dating model Ella Cervetto.

Levi and girlfriend Ella
Sadly for his many fans, Levi is already taken and dating model Ella Cervetto. Photo: Instagram/leviticus

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