MAFS' 'judgemental' bride Tamara sparks outrage among fans: 'Awful'

Married At First Sight fans were quick to share their opinions of 'judgemental' bride Tamara Djordjevic after she made it clear she would never date a retail worker as they're 'not ambitious'.

The bride went on to say she'd be 'embarrassed' by their job as it 'doesn't compliment my lifestyle'.

MAFS' Tamara
MAFS' Tamara has been slammed on social media for her comments about retail workers. Photo: Nine

Tamara quickly clashed with her groom Brent Vitiello over the remarks after assuming he worked in a nightclub, something that was seemingly not going to work for her.

Speaking with Brent, she said she wanted to be matched with someone more on her level.

"I'm a judger, I'm trying to work on that," she boldly declared.


'That's not me'

As Brent then questioned if Tamara would date him if he worked in a toy store, she responded: "[No], you wouldn't be very ambitious to me. I asked for someone who was ambitious, I want someone who has those same values that I have.

"Not because I think working in those kinds of industries is bad ... If that's your goal to stay in a retail job for the rest of your life, and not progress, good on them but that's not me.

Tamara Djordjevic
Tamara openly told her groom Brent she's a 'judger' but trying to change. Photo: Instagram/tamara__djordjevic__

"Where I'm going, that doesn't match my lifestyle and we wouldn't get along. Working in a toy store doesn't align with me and that'd pull me back. As bad as this is, I did date this one guy and he did work in a retail shop, and I was embarrassed to introduce him to people. That doesn't compliment who I am. I know what I want and what I deserve and I'm not apologetic for that. I need someone who is going further in life than just working in a toy store."

MAFS fans slam 'judgemental' bride

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts with one user joking, "I literally give Tamara and Brent three minutes before they try to end things."

"Oh Tamara, you’re not average, but you are a basic b***h," another added.

"I don’t like girls like Tamara who promote themselves as ‘strong women’ and ‘know what they want’ when really you’re just a bit of an aggressive, judgemental, awful human," a third added.

Tamara with her groom Brent
Tamara with her groom Brent during the infamous cake cutting scene. Photo: Nine

"Oh Tamara, you’ve just dissed half of Australia," one user added. "What I suggest is every time Tamara walks into a shop, they refuse to serve her."

"Tamara's next trip to Pacific Fair is going to be awkward," another joked.

Former friend speaks out: 'She changed'

It comes as a former friend, who asked to remain anonymous, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the reality star has changed in recent years, "Tamara doesn't come from privilege or anything like that but always liked to be the centre of attention. When she moved from Rat (Ballarat) to Queensland, she suddenly had an older partner, got a good job, bought a fancy car and started posting all these shallow pics of her clothes or hair or whatever."

"It was like overnight she changed and ramped up her socials to portray a rather shallow life of how cute her clothes/car/friends/partner/puppy were until I unfollowed her. Most of that stuff has been removed now though which is weird."

MAFS' Brent and Tamara
While Brent did describe Tamara as a 'psychopath', he did seem to enjoy the challenge and tried to make things work by standing up to his bride. Photo: Nine

The friend added that Tamara 'isn't a bad person' despite unfollowing her.

However, it seemed as though Brent is enjoying the challenge and is trying to make things work by standing up to Tamara.

And exclusive pap pics, which you can see here, seem to suggest the pair may actually get along after the wedding.

The public display of affection is a stark contrast to their first impressions of each other at their wedding, making it seem as though romance is set to blossom for the newlyweds on their honeymoon.

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