MAFS' Dino Hira 'unrecognisable' in insane transformation

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He had a bumpy ride on his quest to find love on Married At First Sight but it seems Dino Hira has found another love in the process - embarking on a fitness journey.

The former ‘groom’ has undergone quite the transformation since coupling up with Melissa Lucarelli on the Channel Nine show two years ago.

MAFS 2018 Dino Hira and Melissa Lucarelli
MAFS star Dino Hira has undergone a striking transformation. Photo: Instagram/Dino Hira

Dino has now moved to Hong Kong, where he works as a meditation coach and it appears he’s been spending a lot of time bulking up in the gym

Speaking to The Wash, Dino said: ‘People got to see my patience at the MAFS dinner parties but having a beard now is the ultimate proof of patience. A man with no moustache or beard is like a woman with a moustache or beard.”


Dino Hira in the gym
Dino appears to have hit the gym hard since his stint on the show. Photo: Instagram/Dino Hira

During his stint on MAFS, Dino ‘married’ Melissa but things didn’t work out between them during their short-lived romance.

Speaking to Woman’s Day in 2019, Melissa said: "Dino wasn't interested in being married or finding out about me – he just wanted to promote himself. It's sad, but there are a lot of people just out to get Instagram-famous."

Dino Hira standing up showing off his muscles in the gym
Dino has moved to Hong Kong where he works as a meditation coach. Photo: Instagram/Dino Hira
Dino Hira in a white singlet
He hopes to visit his hometown of Perth when he's allowed to travel due to the coronavirus. Photo: Instagram/Dino Hira

"I gave up everything and I put myself out there, and I feel like they just put us together as a joke. I felt like a joke."

However, it seems Dino has put all the drama in the past, revealing to The Wash that he has moved on with a new love.

“I’m seeing someone here so see when it gets real, you will be invited to the real wedding,” he told the publication.

Melissa has undergone somewhat of her own transformation in the two years since she appeared on the show.

Melissa Lucarelli in a pink dress
Melissa Lucarelli has undergone her own transformation after the show. Photo: Melissa Lucarelli

The Sydney talent agent was famous on the show for having gone without sex for almost a decade.

She'd promised herself that 2020 would be the end of the drought, but then the coronavirus pandemic struck, bringing her plans to a halt.

"How do I meet and connect with someone while we are all in self-isolation?" she wrote in a column for The Latch.

"And how the heck am I going to break the drought when we must keep a social distance of 1.5 metres?"

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