MAFS star Cyrell Paule defends ‘trashy’ and 'offensive' pregnancy pic

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Married At First Sight star Cyrell Paule and Love Island star boyfriend, Eden Dally, are expecting their first child together. Photo: Instagram/cyrelljimenezpaule

Married At First Sight star Cyrell Paule, 30, and her Love Island beau, Eden Dally, 26, announced earlier today that they’re expecting their first child together.

And now, ‘Cyclone Cyrell’ has left her fans on social media ‘disgusted’ after posting a seemingly harmless snap on Instagram.

The photo, from the couple’s exclusive interview with New Idea, shows the mum-to-be cradling her tiny baby bump while Eden nestles his head on her shoulder.

Cyrell’s caption reads, “When u get paid 2k to have a baby,” and includes the crying with laughter emoji.

‘Very offensive’

Many of Cyrell’s 235k+ followers have taken to the comments section to share their outrage at the caption, which appears to imply that the couple received a monetary reward for conceiving the child.

Some users in particular found the post insensitive to those who have issues with or are unable to have children naturally.

The pair announced their big news on Monday. Photo: Instagram/cyrelljimenezpaule.

“This is disgusting you shouldn't joke about this even if you are pregnant a lot of people can't fall even if they want to,” said one.

“This is very silly and very offensive to those who are infertile. I’m sorry but if this is joke this is far from it,” added another.

“Are you pregnant are you not pregnant? As a person with fertility issues as are many out there, if this is a joke it probably won’t go down well with a group of those who struggle...” commented one.

Cyrell hits back

The feisty Filipino-Australian, who is reportedly 12 weeks along in her pregnancy, defended her choice of words in an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle.

“They must be very sensitive people, it was a joke about our relationship being a publicity stunt and that we got 2k to do it!” she said.

“This day is about my child and not about people’s feelings being hurt about a caption, I think it’s time for these people to stop sitting behind keyboards having a cry. If you don’t like my page, my post or caption then unfollow,” she added.

‘Grow up’

Others branded Cyrell’s caption just plain immature, and a bit tacky as well.

“Wow...that caption is certainly not the most mature way to announce it. Disgusting,” wrote one.

“Very tacky caption for the photo, like you did this to get $2k. Grow up and appreciate the value of a life you have created if you are in fact pregnant,” advised another.

“I think there is a better caption for the photo. I feel you’re giving people what they want. It’s time to start thinking about your family now,” said one.

“Time to grow up now,” said another.

‘Not a stunt’

The caption also prompted some followers to question whether or not the couple’s big news is real.

“Oh I hope this isn’t a fake preg joke.. it will hurt a lot and offend...” said one.

“Is this fake or not I’m so confused???” said another.

Cyrell and Eden appeared to preempt the rumours by telling New Idea that their baby is “not a publicity stunt”.

“I guarantee people will say the baby is a publicity stunt. They’ll say we got pregnant to stay relevant or to extend our 15 minutes of fame. It’s very stressful and stress can cause bad things to happen,” the dad-to-be said.

Cyrell and Eden went public with their relationship back in April after meeting at a bar in Sydney’s Double Bay.

Eden was previously linked to his Love Island co-star Erin Barnett and later Cyrell’s MAFS co-star Jessika Power, while Cyrell was ‘married’ to Nic Jovanovic but the pair split three weeks before the series wrapped.

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