Is this proof Love Island's Eden and Erin are 'fake'?

Rebekah Scanlan
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It seems that Australia fell head over heels with a Love Island couple last night, after Eden adorably made things official with Erin.

The pair have been smitten since day one and now, after five weeks of dating, Eden decided to pop the relationship question to his other half. Aww.

But while hearts melted across the country as Erin was whisked off her feet in a Love Actually style moment, there are cynics out there who aren’t just aren’t convinced their love is real.

You see, the romantic gesture is rather similar to something that happened across the pond on Love Island UK last year with the show’s winners Kem and Amber.

And as people are pointing out on Twitter, it could be that Eden is copying their success story in a bid to snag the $50k prize money. Yikes!

But let’s not take Twitter’s word for it, lets have a look for ourselves.

After digging up the footage from 2017, it’s clear that their magic moments aren’t identical. But they are very similar.

Firstly, both scenes involve the girls wandering around the house and reading out loud messages regarding their relationships.

Amber was seen last year on a treasure hunt where she read out loud messages left for her on various mobile phones. Source: ITV

Kem decided to write his on the mobile phones given to the Islanders and dotted them around the garden.

Meanwhile Eden got his fellow housemates involved, asking them to hold up signs with his words on.

Eden got his fellow housemates involved during his set up, asking them to hold up signs with his words on that Erin read out loud. Source: Nine

But that’s not where the similarities end.

Both guys decided to start their speeches with, “From the moment I laid eyes on you…”

OK, so in their defence it’s probably one of the most clichéd phrases in the romance world, but it does strengthen the argument Eden and Erin could be copying a proven formula.

The contestants on Australian Love Island all watched from the balcony above the garden. Source: Nine

Even the fact both couples chose each other extremely early on in the game supports the theory, with Kem and Amber getting together in the first “recoupling” of their series and Erin and Eden matching on day one.

In both spectacles, all the housemates disappear to the balcony to watch over the romantic moment happening below.

SNAP! The same thing happened on the UK edition last year. Source: ITV

Sooo, while we can’t confirm that Eden is definitely copying Kem or that the lovebirds from Down Under are indeed #playingthegame, we can’t deny the striking resemblance between the two scenarios.

Let’s just hope Eden and Erin don’t follow the same sad fate as Kem and Amber who sadly split after nine months.

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