All the major deaths in House of the Dragon season two so far

House of the Dragon is part of the Game of Thrones universe, so of course you can expect one, or two, or a maybe hundred dramatic deaths in the series. And House of the Dragon season two so far has seen no shortage of shocking and sad deaths.

Even though we know the deaths were coming thanks to George R.R. Martin's novel Fire & Blood which the HBO series is based on, it still takes our breath away when they happen on screen.

And there's been quite a few already so far this season, so many in fact, we've been keeping track with our handy guide of all the characters we've said goodbye to in season two, which you can peruse (cry over) below.

All the deaths in House of the Dragon season two so far

Episode 1

  • Jaehaerys Targaryen

Talk about a bad case of miscommunication. The first major death of the season was supposed to be Aemond, after Daemon employed two assassins Blood and Cheese to kill the prince. However, the two men couldn't find Aemond and so settled on killing Jaehaerys who they found in Heleana's bed chamber.

They forced the distraught mother to tell them which of the children is the boy and she begrudgingly points to Jaehaerys.

Episode 2

  • Erryk and Arryx Cargyll

  • Blood and Cheese

Following the death of Jaehaerys, Aegon ordered the death of Blood and Cheese and their fellow rat catchers.

But perhaps the more prominent deaths that took over episode two were the deaths of the twins Erryk and Arryx Cargyll. Having previously both served in the King's Guard, Ser Erryk switched alliances to Rhaenyra's army while his brother Arryx stayed behind with Criston Cole's forces.

In episode two Criston tasked Arryx with sneaking into Dragonstone and pretending to be his twin in order to kill Rhaenyra. However, Ser Erryk manages to stop him, but the pair then battle it out which results in both their deaths.

Episode 3

  • Ser Amos Bracken

  • Lord Samwell Blackwood

Episode three was pretty minor in terms of deaths of major characters. The most prominent characters to die were Ser Amos Bracken and Lord Samwell Blackwood following their battle at the beginning of the episode, after they argue over their allegiances to Rhaenyra and Aegon. Although let's be real, it was all about their own families' long and complicated history.

Episode 4

rhaenys and meleys
  • Rhaenys

  • Meleys

Honestly, we're still not over this. The biggest deaths of episode four were undoubtedly Rhaenys and Meleys who perished after their battle with Aemond and Vhagar. While they successfully managed to harm Sunfyre and Aegon, they were sadly no match for Vhagar and fell to their deaths at the end of episode four. There were also hundreds of men who died during the battle at Rook's Rest.

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