Major Australian TV personalities face the chop: 'Big conversations happening'

It comes following reports that Network Ten may soon shut down.

Several major Australian TV personalities
Several major Australian TV personalities could face getting axed as networks are forced to work within smaller budgets. Photo: Getty

Several major Aussie TV personalities could face getting axed as networks are forced to work within smaller budgets. This could mean major changes for shows such as I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and more.

A TV insider has revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that the final three I'm A Celebrity stars could have bright futures as presenters of major shows, with winner Skye Wheatley reportedly being considered as an option to replace Julia Morris as one of the hosts.

There are also rumours that if Ten decides to revive The Bachelor series after its axing, their previously planned Golden Bachelor could be hosted by Tristan MacManus instead of Osher Gunsberg, who has hosted every other Bachelor series.

Callum Hole is even being thrown around as an option to replace Sophie Monk on Nine's Love Island Australia.

The insider has revealed "big conversations are happening", adding, "The future of the final three celebrities from I'm A Celebrity has been quietly discussed over the last week," following the news that Network Ten axed The Masked Singer and The Bachelor.

Callum Hole, Skye Wheatley and Tristan MacManus on I'm A Celebrity
Rumour has it that the top three from I'm A Celebrity this year (Callum Hole, Skye Wheatley and Tristan MacManus) could go on to host some of the biggest shows on TV. Photo: Ten

"These shake-ups are the start of more to come," explains a current TV executive, who adds that it's not just Ten that needs to work to smaller budgets, but also shows like Love Island Australia on Nine.

"The final three of I'm A Celebrity certainly won over fans on the latest series, and network executives are apparently quite excited about these cheaper options," the insider says.


It comes as free-to-air networks continue to downsize as more and more Australians subscribe to streaming services.

"The amount of money Sophie, Julia and Osher get paid is huge. They have been around since the golden era of television - where stars were paid six-figure salaries to host big tent pole shows," they add. "However, that kind of money is not sustainable. Even though they are extraordinary at their jobs."

"Julia Morris and Robert Irwin really worked overtime to make sure audiences bought the hard sell of replacing Dr Chris Brown, but as audiences barely blinked at the reshuffle, it seems more likely that Network Ten will be rethinking the amount of money it costs to have Julia Morris back in 2025."

Sophie Monk
Sophie Monk could be replaced on Love Island Australia by Callum Hole. Photo: Nine

"Skye Wheatley would actually be a good fit for that role, and even if Robert Irwin did not come back, you could slot Tristan MacManus in there or even Callum Hole. Fans loved these younger personalities and they have proven their worth as bankable stars," our source says. "Network Ten has a soft spot for Tristan MacManus, and if there were any new show being cast, he would quickly be plonked into that role."

"He has what it takes to host his own reality show, and it is really sad that no one has snapped him up since Studio Ten was axed."

"The focus is on Network Ten at the moment, but even Channel Nine's Love Island Australia has faced future cutbacks in budgets," they add. "The idea to include Callum Hole back on that show has been a conversation for a couple of years. At the moment, it could be a side show that the 'love rat' could host, but if Sophie out-prices herself in the market, I think he could hold his own hosting that show."

It comes following reports from that it's not just Network Ten's shows that face the chopping block, but the network itself.


Media analyst and Pearman director of strategy and research Steve Allen told the publication, "A new owner of Paramount Global is unlikely to see Ten as an asset worth retaining because the business is in serious turmoil. There's no programming momentum and they haven't found a really solid anchor for prime time, their revenue looks steady but they can't seem to significantly reduce overheads, and now there's upheaval in terms of their US ownership."

He added, "Network 10 is in a real pickle and I don't see a way out for them."

Professor Amanda Lotz from the Queensland University of Technology added that she believes Ten will fold "by the end of the decade," leaving only Nine and Seven. She said it was "just math" and that the commercial TV industry is in a "death spiral."

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