MAFS: Where are the stars of last year's season now?

With the latest season of Married At First Sight about to burst onto our screens and take up our evenings, we revisit what happened to last year's contestants.

Did they find true love on the show? Well, some seem to have, but most have turned their back on their spouses... And it wasn't always pretty.

Melissa and Bryce

2021 Married At First Sight couple Melissa and Bryce. Melissa wears a floral hair slide, white veil and strappy dress. Bryce has a short beard and has a bow tie, dark suit and a spray of white flowers pinned to his suit.
Married At First Sight's Melissa and Bryce are engaged and parents to twins Tate and Levi. Photo: Nine Network

It didn't seem like Melissa and Bryce were destined to stay together; he voted her as the fourth-most attractive bride on the show!

However, they are now engaged and parents to twins.

"Introducing our gorgeous twin boys... Levi Ruthven & Tate Ruthven," Bryce wrote on Instagram.

"Born on Saturday, October 16, 2021, 10 weeks premature, our twins are in for a challenging few weeks in NICU & are already showing signs they’ve got a loving personality. @lissrawson and I are proud and loving parents of these little fighters. We can’t wait to bring our boys home!"


Kerry and Johnny

This cute couple looked smitten from the beginning and they are still going strong today.

They live together in Brisbane with their fur-baby Enzo, a black Labradoodle, and celebrated their first anniversary in October.

2021 MAFS couple Kerry and Johnny stand near a large tree on their show wedding day. He wears a dark suit and bow tie. She wears a strappy gown with plunging neckline and veil. Her streaked hair is tied back.
MAFS favourites Kerry and Johnny are still going strong. Photo: Nine Network

Kerry posted to mark "one year to the day since I took the biggest gamble of my life".

"I went in search of an adventure and instead found everything I was ever looking for," she wrote on Instagram.

"We made vows that day to look after each other, to be teammates and we’ve never looked back. Only you and I will ever know how deep those promises have run and how much we’ve been through together."

'I won the jackpot'

Johnny also marked the occasion on social media, writing: "This is the moment that we had our first real conversation, exactly a year ago today.

"One hour before this very moment - I was standing at the altar, my hands were sweaty, my knees shaking, I felt like I was standing there for hours.

"I turned around and saw you for the first time and my life has not been the same since. I will never forget that moment. Walking down the aisle toward me, was the most beautiful woman.

"You smiled, reached for my hand and introduced yourself and we ALL fell in love with you. The day was an absolute blur, a nerve-wracking, eye-opening, utterly-exhausting day, but I was so excited… and energised. I felt like I had won the jackpot."


Belinda and Patrick

2021 MAFS couple Belinda and Patrick stand near a garden gate on their show wedding day. He wears a grey suit and she wears a gown with a plunging neckline with her long curly hair flowing free. Photo: Nine Network
Belinda and Patrick looked like they had what it took ... but it wasn't meant to be. Photo: Nine Network

It really seemed as though Belinda and Patrick would last the distance.

Six months after meeting, Belinda posted on her social media account: "The experiment was certainly tough at times, but I couldn’t be more grateful for being matched with you. We have gone through this journey as a team and always supported each other and now living life in the real world together."

However, at the nine-month mark, it all fell apart.

The former couple announced their split on Instagram: "We do not want the same things in love and life."

Time to 'cut losses'

Belinda expanded in an interview with Who magazine: "You get to a point in the relationship where you really need to get serious and talk about what you want moving forward.

"Unfortunately, when we started having those chats, it became apparent that we didn’t have the same future goals.

"We tried to work through it and talk about what we could do about our differences, but it gets to a point when you realise you have to cut your losses."

Patrick is now a fitness studio manager in Melbourne while Belinda continues to showcase her love of quirky fashion on Instagram.

Alana and Jason

2021 MAFS couple Alana and Jason at their show wedding. She wars a strapless lace gown with her long blonde hair loose. He wears a dark suit and tie and a white rose. He has a short beard and moustache.
Alana and Jason fell out over Jason's comments about Liam. Photo: Nine Network

Alana and Jason showed a lot of promise as a couple, but events behind the scenes revealed they were "just not meant to be".

Jason posted snaps on social media of "Alana and I in happier times after final vows", and regretted "outside influences".

"Unfortunately, we couldn't make it work outside of the experiment," he wrote on Instagram.

"Without outside influences, I think we could have been an amazing couple but that wasn't to be... Maybe in the next lifetime, hey.

"Alana is every bit the amazing woman Australia has seen and she deserves all the love and happiness in the world. As much as I wanted to give her that happiness, I couldn't. I’ll always have a place for you in my heart..."

'Just not meant to be'

Alana was also sentimental in her relationship post-mortem, writing: "We just couldn’t make it work, but I know we both tried our best.

"I have never felt so close to someone in such a short amount of time and it breaks my heart knowing that we let it all slip away. Jason, I know, will find the perfect woman for him in the future. Unfortunately for us, it just was not meant to be."

However, it was later revealed in a Yahoo Lifestyle exclusive that they had split after Alana called out Jason for making fun of bisexual groom Liam.

"We were never able to get past that controversy," she revealed.

Judging by their socials, both Jason and Alana appear to be single still...

Rebecca and Jake

2021 MAFS couple Rebecca and Jake in a garden at their show wedding. He wears a dark blazer and open shirt and a rose. He has a short beard and moustache. She has her blonde streaked hair in a long ponytail and is in a strappy sequined low cut gown.
It looked like Rebecca and Jake were going to stay together, until it was discovered Beck had cheated! Photo: Nine Network

West Australian business manager Rebecca and former AFL player Jake decided to give their relationship a proper go after appearing on the show.

That is until Jake saw the reunion episode!

Jake was shown footage of Rebecca's trip back to Perth, where she was filmed kissing another man.

"I do consider it to an extent cheating," she confessed to Yahoo Lifestyle last year.

"Jake and I weren't obviously broken up at the time, however, at the time that it did happen, I had written leave... And I know that my mental health and my state at that time was absolutely shot."

Call a taxi!

Jake did not reply when Rebecca reached out after the reunion, but instead reacted on Instagram.

"So it seems I completely wasted my time," he wrote. "I should have walked out a long time ago.

"I learned a lot from this experiment and I hope Bec found what she was looking for in the end. For me, it’s off to share my life with the people I care and love for the most."

Jake is now loved up again with his new girlfriend Clare, while Beck is expecting a daughter in May with her new partner Ben Michell.

Samantha and Cameron

2021 MAFS couple Samantha and Cameron at their show wedding. She holds a large bunch of pink and white roses and her long bleached hair hangs free. He wears a dinner suit and has a short beard and moustache and close-cropped hair..
Cameron was busted "cheating" on Samantha with Coco. Photo: Nine Network

Despite being attracted to each other at the beginning, things didn't go well after Cameron "cheated" on Samantha with fellow bride Coco.

"I’ve been cheated on in my past and now on national TV," Samantha wrote on social media after the show aired.

"The first time I got cheated on it broke me; I felt lost and was left with no identity because I lived for and did everything for that other person. This time, after MAFS, it's made me stronger, my head held a little higher and knowing my worth more than ever."

Samantha has since moved to the country with her two sons and both she and Cameron appear to be single, judging by their social media accounts.

Booka and Brett

2021 MAFS couple Booka and Brett at their show wedding. He wears a scarlet velvet jacket and bow tie with a spray of flowers. She wears her long blonde hair free and a lace dress and veil. She displays on her left shoulder a large tattoo of a monkey reading a book in a top hat with a monocle.
Booka and Brett couldn't make it work. Photo: Nine Network

While they looked like a cool couple, there were early signs Booka and Brett were not meant to be.

The Wash picked up that, even as their wedding aired in February last year, Booka looked downcast when hosting a watch party in Perth while Brett was at home in Melbourne.

Sure enough, at the final commitment ceremony, the couple called it quits, with Booka saying: "I've written leave but it's a smiley face and a love heart because Brett's a legend."

Brett replied: "I think there was such a tug of war going on between us to try and understand one another and then things eventually exploded and then once the dust settled things evened out and I think we found where we were with one another."

Going by their socials alone (because if it's not on socials, it's not real!) they both appear to be single still.

Coco and Sam

2021 MAFS couple Coco and Sam pose in a garden at their show wedding. A large veil covers her dark hair and she wears a gown with a plunging neckline. He is in a black suit with bow tie and has a short beard and moustache.
Sam was also rocked by Coco and Cam's "cheating". Photo: Nine Network

Coco and Sam's relationship was pretty fiery from the start and, given Coco's "cheating" scandal with Cameron, it was no surprise they didn't go the distance.

It didn't last between Coco and Cameron either, with some reports suggesting Cam stopped talking to Coco as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

At the end of their time on the show, Sam posted online: "I’m truly grateful for all the friendships I have gained through this experiment and the experiences that have made me a stronger person, good luck to next year‘s cast as you will need it!"

That says it all really!

Joanne and James

2021 MAFS couple Joanne and James in a garden at their show wedding. He wears a dark turtle-neck and dark suit with satin lapels and a white rose. She wears a lace gown and her blonde hair is loose..
Joanne and James were good on paper but had little in common. Photo: Nine Network

When MAFS paired two single parents together they seemed a good match, but it soon became obvious that they were from very different backgrounds.

Then, when James jokingly said he was in love with expert Alessandra at a commitment ceremony, it signalled the end for these two.

"Opposites attract? Maybe not this time around!" James wrote on a social media post at the end of their time on the show.

While Jo seems to be taking a break from Instagram, James has a new love – a tiny ragdoll kitten!

Beth and Russell

2021 MAFS couple Beth and Russell outside at their show wedding. He wears a dark blue suit and tie and has glasses. She wears a waisted gown with a loose cape. Her blonde hair is partially tied back.
Beth and Russell felt no connection, but are still friends. Photo: Nine Network

They may have looked sweet together, but from the beginning, there was no chemistry or connection for Beth and Russell.

"It’s been a wild ride, to say the least! I’m leaving grateful but glad it’s over," Beth wrote on Instagram.

It didn't work, but the two remain friends.

"Even after we left [Russell] would call me maybe once a week, because I went into quarantine after we left, and so he'd always call in and just be like, 'Just checking in on you to see how you're doing'," Beth revealed.

"I think we had that cool friendship afterwards because we had this shared experience, and we were never angry at each other for not being what we wanted. We just thought, 'Oh well, we got a good friendship out of it.' So that's good."

Georgia and Liam

2021 MAFS couple Georgia and Liam in a garden at their show wedding. He is clean shaven in a dark suit and tie. She wears a tiara and a lace gown with V-neckline and her streaked hair free to her shoulders.
Georgia and Liam couldn't make things work. Photo: Nine Network

Georgia and Liam became a MAFS first when it was revealed that Liam was bisexual, and while Georgia didn't have a problem with that, it still wasn't enough for the couple to make it work.

"There has been a lot of emotion building up to tonight," she posted at the time.

"Leaving the experiment on bad terms was really tough. We had so much fun together, and to fall apart so quickly was very confronting.

"I adored you [Liam], but if we couldn’t work through our issues, sometimes it's not meant to be. I hope out of tonight we can move forward on better terms. No matter what, you will always be a part of me.

"Thank you for sharing this journey with me, an experience of a lifetime."

'Always have those memories'

Looking back a year on from filming the wedding, Liam had only nice things to say.

"I’ll always be grateful for the experience and getting the chance to meet some amazing people who I am still friends with to this day," he wrote on Instagram.

"G and I had some great times and I’ll always have those memories. [MAFS] changed me for the better, and for that, I am thankful."

While Georgia is still single, Liam has since found love with MAFS New Zealand star Samuel Levi and they have been together for six months.

Jaimie and Chris

2021 MAFS couple Jaimie and Chris in a garden at their show wedding. She wears a long veil and a lace dress with her hair loose to her shoulders. He is in a dark suit and tie and has a beard and moustache with his hair close-shaven on either side of his head, leaving a short mohawk.
Jaimie and Chris had the shortest marriage of the 2021 MAFS season. Photo: Nine Network

The marriage of Jaimie and Chris was the shortest on last year's season of MAFS, barely making it past the ceremony and ending just a week after they met.

"I came here for someone genuine, caring and honest," Jaimie posted on Instagram after the episode aired.

"Trying to decide how many red flags I should be willing to accept on day one?"

Chris responded: "My #MAFS journey ends… I know my worth and the quality of man I am. I won’t settle for anything less. I have so much to offer and so much love to give the woman that chooses me and I offer my heart to, knowing our paths will cross when least expected."

Chris has since found the girl for him, getting engaged to fellow model Tayla at the end of last year, while Jaimie appears to still be single.

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