MAFS’ Martha shuts down pregnancy rumours with savage response

Just one month after she and Michael Brunelli announced their engagement, Martha Kalifatidis has had to hit back at rumours that she is hiding a pregnancy.

The former Married At First Sight bride took to social media on Wednesday to share a savage response to a number of messages she’s recently received from fans.

Martha Kalifatidis.
Martha Kalifatidis has shared a savage post shutting down pregnancy rumours. Photo: Instagram/marthaa__k

Several followers rushed to her DMs to question whether she had a “baby bump” in a recent beach photo, which showed a glimpse of her body in a bikini.

Another user messaged her asking if she was “expecting”, while someone else mistakenly said ‘incline’ instead of ‘inkling’ when writing, “I have this weird incline… Are you pregnant?”.

Posting on her Instagram Story, Martha re-shared the snap from her day at Bondi Beach and included screenshots of each message alongside a hilarious caption.


“I am not pregnant! You can stop asking me,” she wrote.

“I’ve been offline because I have felt like shit since Covid. The ‘dream’ you had I was pregnant isn’t real, the ‘incline’ lol inkling you had I was pregnant… Babe you ain’t onto something.

“Go talk to your crystals for another month and see what happens. Who knows maybe your ‘incline’ might come true!”

Martha Kalifatidis' Instagram story.
Martha told her followers to stop asking her if she was pregnant. Photo: Instagram/marthaa__k

Martha’s post comes just a couple of weeks after she and Michael tested positive for Covid, which she said “makes you ugly”.

The Celebrity Apprentice star, who recently returned home to Sydney after a whirlwind post-engagement trip to America, described her symptoms as “cold and flu and tonsillitis and gastro all in one”.

“Covid sucks, it is so f**king s**t,” she said. “Some people are like, ‘Oh it’s just a cold’. It is just a virus, but it is a pretty s**t one. Michael actually got hit really hard with it.

“So there’s actually like a sore throat, chest burning, nausea, vomiting, fever and then chills. If you can avoid this, avoid it. You don’t want to get Covid.”

Earlier this week Martha updated fans on her health and admitted that she’s still suffering from certain symptoms, which she labelled as “weird” and “ugly”.

“I still can't taste, I still have blocked ears, blocked nose. Anyway, I’m taking all the supplements I'm doing all the things, but like, f**k I feel like s**t,” she said.

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