MAFS wedding guests slammed for controversial comments: 'Shocked'

Married At First Sight fans weren't happy after Tuesday's episode.

MAFS fans have lashed out after Sandy Jawanda and Dan Hunjas tied the knot on Tuesday night. While the beautiful Indian ceremony stunned viewers, Dan’s guests made some controversial comments about the wedding.

The 36-year-old bride was open with producers earlier in the episode about how important Indian culture is to her, and the beautiful wedding decor reflected this. The room was adorned with bright colours, animal statues and floral details.

L: Dan Hunjas on MAFS. R: Sandy Jawanda on MAFS
MAFS fans weren't happy with some of the wedding guests at Dan and Sandy's wedding. Photo: Nine

As Dan’s guests entered the room, one claimed that the decor was “over the top”, while a pair of women attempted to guess Sandy’s ethnicity.

“This is not at all what I expected. It’s got to be like Thai or like Indian or something,” one whispered. “Dan doesn’t know what he’s in for. I don’t know if this is what he signed up for either,” the other replied.


Sandy revealed that she felt “exposed and vulnerable” by expressing her culture, and admitted that she was worried about what Dan and his guests would think.

“What are they going to say? Is he going to accept me, the way I’m looking and what I’m wearing?” she asked in an interview.

Sandy Jawanda and Dan Hunjas' wedding on MAFS
Some wedding guests expressed their surprise when seeing the decor. Photo: Nine

Sadly, his guests didn’t hold back from making comments as she walked down the aisle in a traditional red Indian outfit adorned in dazzling gold jewellery.

“I’m shocked,” one woman said, before another guest described Sandy and the ceremony as “quite unusual”.

While Dan seemed genuinely excited to meet Sandy, calling her “beautiful” and helping put her at ease during the ceremony, viewers were furious about his friends’ behaviour. Multiple people vented on Twitter about the guests, with many saying their comments could be deemed “racist”.

“No but who allowed these not so subtly racist wedding guests to be here,” one person tweeted.

“Like in the ancient age of 2023 how are you being openly racist on the most watched show in Australia??” another added.

“I know it was Dan’s friends and not Dan himself being racist a**holes, but eeeeeeep red flag that they’re his besties. The producers better not be doing my queen Sandy dirty,” a third wrote.

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