MAFS viewers horrified by Cody’s ‘disgusting’ house: ‘Red flag’

Married At First Sight fans were left horrified during Monday night’s episode when Cody Bromley brought his ‘wife’ Selina Chhaur back to his place in the Northern Beaches for homestay week.

The 30-year-old groom, who lives with his friend Zac, shocked viewers with his bachelor pad complete with Batman bedsheets, expired fast food products in the fridge and faulty appliances.

MAFS' Selina and Cody looking shocked.
MAFS viewers were unimpressed with Cody’s ‘disgusting’ house. Photos: Channel Nine

While Selina was clearly uncomfortable in her surroundings, fans on social media agreed that the personal trainer’s messy house with barely any furniture and a leaky tap was “disgusting” and a “red flag”.

“Cody's place looks like he's been living there for 48 hours,” one person wrote, while another added, “Cody and friend look like they've been burgled”.

“I would be getting some Glen 20 and spraying it everywhere at Cody's place,” a third joked, followed by a different user who remarked, “Let’s hope the camera crew got tetanus jabs before they entered Cody’s place”.


“Cody’s place is the kind of place you’d end up at for a party in your 20s but you wouldn’t want to stay overnight for fear of catching something,” someone else shared.

“I thought I didn't have my s**t together but seeing Cody? I suddenly feel like I'm adulting rather well,” another wrote.

“Selina, there’s settling. And then there’s whatever the hell you’re currently doing with Cody. Leave and flourish,” one viewer demanded.

MAFS' Selina and Cody opening his fridge.
Fans agreed that Cody’s messy place with expired fast food products in his fridge showed that he was immature. Photo: Channel Nine

‘Blatantly disrespectful’

Cody’s housemate Zac had also attempted to decorate Cody’s room with rose petals and a photoshopped poster showing Selina holding a partially-cut watermelon between her legs while Cody sat next to her eating a slice.

Viewers were quick to point out how inappropriate the image was and shared their hopes that Selina spoke up about it.

“How has Cody not taken that blatantly disrespectful picture down off his wall, and how has Selina not walked out the door?” one fan asked.

“I hope Selina actually says something about that watermelon picture because the lack of respect from Cody's housemate is astounding,” a different user added.

MAFS' Selina looking at an inappropriate poster of herself and Cody.
Cody’s housemate Zac had hung an inappropriate poster of Cody and Selina above his bed. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking with the producers at the end of day one, Selina was clearly unimpressed with her partner’s natural habitat.

“Cody’s place is not exactly what I was expecting,” she said. “There’s no food, there are a few broken things. I’m starting to see that this is a bit of a bachelor pad.

“I’m trying to be a good sport about it but Cody just turned 30, he is a grown-ass man and he still lives like he’s a teenage boy. I’m just in this constant cycle of confusion. I’m trying really hard to understand him.”

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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