MAFS: Jack's ex speaks out after dinner party drama: 'Disgusting trauma'

"It's been a very hard time in my life. One that I don't wish on anyone."

Jack Dunkley has already made quite a stir on Married At First Sight, and the tensions filtered into the first dinner party episode after the other participants saw the controversial 'alpha' groom make headlines on a 'gossip' page for dumping his long-term girlfriend and saying he was going overseas instead of partaking in MAFS.

With the topic brought up at the dinner party by Jayden Eynaud who wanted to address the "elephant in the room", Jack was forced to confront the rumours head-on to the rest of the dinner party.

"It's just out of context," Jack said. "It was a very casual but exclusive relationship, but very casual."

Jack then went on to say his alleged ex "fell harder" for him than he did for her, and was now trying to throw him under the bus.

Jack and Tori on MAFS
Jack and Tori on MAFS. Photo: Nine

"She's thrown me under the bus but I'm not going to go there. I have everything on this girl that I'd need to have, but I'm not going to do it," he said, saying his ex had a "colourful past" but refusing to elaborate further.

"I'd deem it a relationship, but casual. But we were arguing weekly and she was questioning my commitment. The writing was on the wall.


"I'm not surprised, it's disappointing because this is about me and Tori and I just feel for Tori," Jack said, before thanking Tori for her "emotional intelligence" when it came to dealing with the situation.

MAFS fans were quick to call out the self-described alpha male groom.

Jack's ex speaks out: 'Disgusting trauma'

Jack's ex uploaded an Instagram story last week and also spoke to the Daily Mail about the situation, which she said has "distressed" her.

"It's been a very hard time in my life. One that I don't wish on anyone," she told the publication.

On her Instagram story, Courtney said she's been seeing a therapist to deal with the fallout of the situation with Jack.

"I hope everyone gets some sickening entertainment out of my horrid breakup," she wrote. "I have been seeing a therapist and have been medicated due to the disgusting trauma I have experienced and would like to be left alone to heal.

"It's one thing to go through a breakup, but it's another thing to have to relive it on nationwide TV and talk about it," she continued.

Jack's ex put out this statement last week. Photo:
Jack's ex put out this statement last week. Photo:

"Enjoy watching the fame-hungry humans that ruin lives and create nothing but pain. I am embarrassed by the world we live in and am absolutely mortified by my experience."

MAFS fans call Jack out

Fans of MAFS were quick to call out the controversial groom on his behaviour.

"Jack: ‘We were in an exclusive, casual, not serious relationship'… wtf?" one person commented.

"I feel bad for Tori, she must really like Jack to just ignore all the red flags. It’s clear he’s not great," another said.

"I love watching the shade of crimson intensify with each lie," one person added.

"Anyone else realise that he would have been with his ex while applying for the show?" another person pointed out.

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