MAFS' Tamara's surprise first job revealed after she slammed retail workers

MAFS star Tamara Djordjevic angered fans of the show on Monday night when she made it clear she would never date someone who works in retail as they're 'not ambitious'.

Even her own 'husband' Brent Vitiello described her as "spoilt and pretentious and entitled", elsewhere in the episode he called her a "psychopath" after she judged him for the way he used his cutlery.

MAFS star Tamara
MAFS star Tamara's surprising first job has been revealed after she said she could never date someone who worked in retail or hospitality. Photo: Nine

Tamara was also visibly annoyed when she found out Brent works in the hospitality industry, believing him to be a bartender at first.

A source, who has remained anonymous, has now told Yahoo Lifestyle that Tamara has actually worked in the hospitality industry.


"Tamara comes from a very working class family and her dad owned a Subway franchise in Ballarat," the insider told us. "She worked there when she was younger along with a few friends, mostly doing weekend shifts. She definitely knows that retail and hospitality is pretty gruelling and no easy ride."

Jess Power defends Tamara: 'Give her a second'

It comes as former Married At First sight star Jessika Power defended Tamara on Instagram.

Responding to a post that questioned whether the blonde bride is the victim of 'the edit', Jessika responded, "To be fair, no one knows her 'back life'."

Former Married At First sight star Jessika Power
Former Married At First sight star Jessika Power defended Tamara on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Jessika Power

"I'm also sure she's caught a lot of backlash from the first couple of episodes but, like any 'villain' on this show - let's give her a second (I am confident I'll regret that but feel obliged to defend where I can)."

MAFS bride defends herself

Tamara also attempted to clarify her comments on the Today show on Tuesday, saying, "I have absolutely no qualms about retail. I don't look down on people who work in retail ... that is not what I was saying. I couldn't articulate myself properly.

"I was so hungry, I honestly hadn't eaten all day. What I was trying to say was for a husband I'm looking for someone ambitious."

Brent didn't join her on the show with Tamara saying he'd 'slept in' and wasn't keen to wake up early.

MAFS Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic
Even Tamara's own 'husband' Brent Vitiello described her as 'spoilt and pretentious and entitled'. Photo: Nine

However, Brent and some other participants were seen on social media enjoying a rowdy viewing party the night before, with a source telling Yahoo Lifestyle those in attendance were given "a stern talking to by producers and publicists".

"They were furious when they saw the footage as it leaves fans questioning how genuine they are with their search for love," they claimed.

While things seemed tense between Tamara and Brent on the wedding day, photos of the pair seem to indicate they try to make things work after being spotted a few weeks after tying the knot holding hands.

Married At First Sight continues on Channel Nine and 9Now tonight at 7:30pm.

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